Not Fading Away

In the asylum known as America (the country I live in) good days are considered good when you do a video showing one of your BFF’s in a room full of “whomever relatives and friends” waiting in gleeful anticipation for the moment when someone, proposes to another someone, whom you may or may not know, (known as a “proposal party“) and the narcissistic moment is captured and then splashed on social media wastelands for all your hundreds, if not thousands of followers to gush over and be envious of. Is there any reason to doubt America is in the shitter when witnessing such shittery of the modern era?  No!

This is the latest type of horseshit that has consumed the attention spans of many a American – a few moments of insipidness, broadcast on the world wide waste, and it’s a banner day for you…but a kind of screw anyone and everyone kind of day for those not  caught up in your own personal insanity.

Who can be blamed for Americans having their heads so far up each other’s arse that they can actually lick the teeth of the shitheads they admire?  That’s an easy answer – for we all know that Russia is to blame for…well, for frickin’ EVERYTHING, right?  The bullshit artists in the mainstream media tell us so – and these con-artists never lie to us about ANYTHING, right?

NY Times Article Blames Russia for US 5G Opposition, Even Thought Telecom Industry Can’t Provide Evidence That 5G is Safe and Researchers Say It’s Harmful – via

With some people still blaming Russia for Trump being elected, it was only a matter of time before somebody decided to blame them for the increasing number of Americans opposing 5G (see 12345678910) and elected officials demanding proof that 5G is safe (see 12, 3)…  Hello New York Times —  (“Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You, But Russia Wants You To Think Otherwise.”)

Of course, it’s not only Americans who don’t want 5G.  Governments around the world are ordering moratoriums on installation too.  Maybe the New York Times blames Russia for this as well.

Oh, good God! … Amy, please tell us what this is from the NY Times…

Proper f**kery, indeed!

God, Mother Earth, or the Committee of Dolphins who started this insanity – please help us!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Grateful Dead ~ Not Fade Away/Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad

(Don’t be put off with the album cover art…you’ve seen worse on any Big Pharma television commercial with butterfly’s flying about, and healthy actors grilling road kill, running white-bread errands and looking lovingly into their partners eyes, comforted by the fact that they’re consuming Big Pharma shyte with a list of side-effects to make the dead roll over in their graves.)

Just give the groove of the music a chance to settle into your soul…into your bones.  From there, you’ll know.

(headphones on to assist in the full sensory pleasure)

And if this doesn’t groove your inner…whatever –  take heart that Russia had Trump in their control a long, long time ago. It may let you sleep content, believing that it’s good to consume the government and corporate f**kery of the day.

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