The Coolest Dudes in the Room…Are Utter Assholes

Millions of secretly awake people around the world, those who still use common sense; who can still discern bullshittery when they see it; who can recognize that a turd on the sidewalk can also be a pompous ass bloviating on TV or social media waste sites – are succumbing to acts of drinking bleach when even catching a glimpse of  the modern era wastes-of-space driving the world to the brink.

Consider the latest content emanating from this can of lard, defending the ending of innocents lives that a U.S. head-chopping ally is steeped in:

With the Senate planning this week to “process” President Trump’s veto of the War Powers Act challenge to the Yemen War, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took the reins to try to defend US involvement in Yemen as in America’s best interest.

Pompeo’s argument centered on the idea that the US was obliged to help Saudi Arabia defend itself from retaliatory fights, now that the Saudis had launched a war and provoked that retaliation.

On top of that poor argument for an obligation, Pompeo relied on what the administration seems to believe is the most compelling argument, even if it is wholly based on a lie. He argued that the whole war was Iran’s fault, and not intervening would make Iran happy. via

But advancing f**kery is what these demons are all about, and nothing more.

Getting awake souls to do something, anything to protest or stand against such f**kery is like trying to avoid the thousands of potholes while driving on about any metropolitan area here in the States – impossible.

It’s as if the entire adult population has never advanced past high school, still believing that the coolest people in the room are actually the coolest people in the room, no matter that they are holding a hatchet behind their back, waiting for the slightest opening to hack you to death.

The psychopaths bombard us daily with their insanity.  We may think we’re doing our best to reign in their shyte in by ignoring them, the problem is that coolest people in the room, are today, nothing more than demons from Gehenna as adults, and ignoring their shyte, not standing against them and saying no more, only enables the coolest people in the room to continue to be demons they are and wreck havoc upon us all.

The New Yorker Interviews Former Nat’l Security Director on How 5G is “Terrifying”: Cypersecurity, “Previously Unthinkable Surveillance Potential,” and Health Risks – via

5G is from the same psychopaths who promote health via a vile of chemicals; the same psychopaths who present war as peace; the same degenerates who allocate over $700 Billion each year in military spending to reign death upon innocents in sovereign nations while our poor, our homeless and our under, and non-insured suffer in ways that those of us with a roof over our heads and food in the pantry could never envision.

What the f**k is wrong with us that we continue to buy into the absolute horseshit of these demons, proven to provide us with nothing more than continued suffering, continued depression, continued illnesses, continued death and destruction?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Not so many years ago in this country, it was more about loving each other rather than screwing each other with bullshit identity politics, one party against another, and believing that talking heads and other government and media road-kill hold the key to anything other than the utter ruin of our hearts, minds, and souls.

(If so inclined, headphones on, and volume up, for kick-ass, old school, full sensory enjoyment)

Humble Pie – Rockin’ the Fillmore -“Hallelujah I Love Her So” –

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