“I’m easy to forget,” were the words on the other end of the phone. They were spoken to me by a family member whom I talk with nearly every day. They weren’t meant for me, but were more of a verbal sigh about others who do forget.

In this apathetic world where we forget to take care of ourselves, forget all the important things, like standing for truth, standing against elected “officials” who dictate one insanity upon us after another; forget the homeless, forget the suffering of our own, forget that our government continues to end lives, with their apathetic and contemptible attitude they exhibit toward all life – it is far too easy to forget our own.

We’re distracted with electromagnetic goo that is, for the most part, inconsequential, yet greatly diminishes our ability to “feel” or emphatize.  Our apathy toward the electromagnetic goo heaped upon us by demon and corporate f**kery is slowly killing us.

We’ve become numbed zombies – who only respond, via our thumbs to “atrocities” we are upset about on social media.

And we forget about what is truly important.  It’s easier that way.

Why be bothered and concerned about what is really important for the health each of us, our collective families, and mother earth.  Easier to bend our heads, buried in inhaling texts of BS, while our suffering brethren are forgotten.

Our apathy will bring about our premature demise. Remembering, and helping as best we can, our suffering brethren is the road to ending the insanity of this modern era.

When people stop questioning authority, authority wins… many times for bad and not good. This Easter season we all should remember that without whistle blowers and men and women of justice, we regress back to the jungle of ignorance and greed. Did not Jesus of Nazareth speak out for truth and fairness? They crucified him NOT for wishing to take over, rather for pointing out the flaws of society and of his own religion at that time. Did not Chelsea Manning , Julian Assange and Eric Snowden do the same? To sit back and forget the essential good of those three and do and say nothing reminds one of the old Easter Sunday joke:

On Easter morning Mary Magdalene goes to the room where the 11 remaining apostles are hiding. ” Fellows, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the master has resurrected like he said he would. The bad news is he wants to know what happened to you guys.” – Philip A Farruggio – via

As our loved ones choose to go down the path of absolute insanity these f**ktards offer- all that is left to us is to offer the glimmer of hope they might follow to stop, for just a few moments, and consider how our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, are slowly being extingusiished…


Tonight’s musical offering:

Stabat Mater: Meditations for the Stations of the Cross – Composer: Claudio Casciolini (1697 – 1760)

The Stabat Mater is recognized as the tenderest and most pathetic hymn of the Middle Ages. In the simplest, and at the same time in the most vivid manner, it represents the Blessed Mother of God plunged in grief and weeping beneath the Cross on which her beloved Son was suffering so unmerited and so painful a death. The historical event (John 19, 25) is narrated in the first, second and fourth stanzas. The remaining stanzas are made up of reflections, affections, petitions, and resolutions arising from the contemplation of Our Lord’s bitter sufferings and death.  – danthonycal

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