No Wait, I Can’t Remember

In the strange brew of insanity that has been percolating along for a few decades in the richest country in the world, and nearly everywhere else; it’s discomforting but probably not surprising to hear that a third of all Americans can’t even name all four of their grandparents.

Such a bothersome task, that of knowing your lineage, especially in this age of f**kery that circumvents moving beyond the stupidity of the era.

After all, being plugged into the corporate hive is what it’s all about these days. Sadly, the corporate hive is filled with nothing but enticements to follow their BS offerings, many of which will lead us all to deaths’ doorstep sooner than we might have anticipated.

From 2014, via


Sadly, most can’t remember what they texted earlier this morning, let alone remember the shit offerings from the corporate shysters from 2014. Plus, the above probably wasn’t reported by the corporate media back in 2014.  Better to keep the masses dumb and ignorant, with a growing inability to remember things thanks, in part, to the negative health effects of these corporate shyster offerings.

But there it is…all within plain sight for all who care to look – that the corporate telecommunication offerings presented to all of us, are not much more more than continued surfing down the avalanche toward further destruction of innocents, both at home and abroad.

Check out this latest derangement:

Pompeo Calls For Continued US Military Intervention in the Middle East – via

Washington’s machine of death must keep rolling no matter the costs. Whether it be the withering elderly misfits, or the brass new farts in the room, Washington’s collection of psychopath’s is never-ending – all with the common goal of providing, through their equally vile corporate counterparts, food that is unfit to eat, water unfit to drink, technologies that make us sick, that spy on us and pharmaceutical poisons that even they wouldn’t give to their fellow demons in Gehenna.

As Teodrose Fikre, editor and founder of wrote recently:

The adults have checked out, we are being led by a carnival of blowhards and narcissists. Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are perfect encapsulations of our time; the former a megalomaniac who offends decency every time he tweets or opens his mouth while the latter is determined to be America’s preeminent meme generator.

Texting a photo of the unremarkable food you’re about to consume is of utmost importance in the insanity of the era. Knowing the names of your grandparents – not so much. And of even less importance is seeking out the truth…seeking and standing for our own, personal sovereignty and against any and all others who tell us to behave a certain way, to think a certain way and adhere to a standard of absolute f**kery that only benefits the psychopath’s we continue to elect to “lead” us, year, after year, after miserable year – this is the era we nod our heads in silent agreement with.

Many years ago, we gave a shyte of our brethren. But empathy is an outdated idea because we’re so enthralled with our own BS that we literally can’t imagine of anything or anyone outside our own pit of manure.

There was a park…just a few blocks from the home I grew up in back in the 60’s, where we, the teenagers of the day, would meet each Summer day.

We weren’t that hip – we weren’t that “boss” back in 1967 when I was twelve and on the cusp of being a teenager. We just wanted happiness for ourselves and our friends.

Maybe it’s all selective memory on my part, but we actually did give a shyte about others way back when.

Fast forward to the deplorable BS offered up in 2019 by the corporate state of lies, propaganda and ugliness and about all we are offered from the psychopath’s we continue to think are human is nothing less than the supreme ugliness of an era that is completely mad.

Sadly, the treasures from our past in terms of how we care for and about each other are now cast aside; thinking the new, glossy, and shiny shit of the era is anything more than what it is…new, glossy and shiny shit.

Thank the creators that I have memories of a time, even though it might be a bit filtered, where innocence, love and acceptance of all, was what took the day, rather than thinking back to a time of remembering the absolute insanity of endless wars, identity politics and an absolute hatred and intolerance of those different than ourselves.


Tonight’s musical offering:

How could have such innocence been allowed back in the 60’s – singing about the rain, the park and a flower girl? Yes, it reeks of smaltzy – but also of love and innocence (and some very nice musical harmonies).

The Cowsills – “The Rain, The Park and Other Things” (Live)

And if you aren’t groovy with the above 60’s offering of innocence, then maybe innocence and beauty offered by G.F. Handel will do the trick:

George Frideric Handel: Concerto Grosso in B-Flat Major, HWV 325 – Final Movement: Daniel Bard, leader, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

Photo credit:


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