Knowing Smiles

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”  –  H. L. Mencken




The above meme is an easy one to answer, and provided by one of the few thinking elected government officials:



One could add in the billions given to the military industrial complex in order to continue to end the lives of innocents in sovereign nations for their profits; thereby screaming at us that they are nothing more than a calloused and evil government that willfully neglects its poor; its suffering and sick, for the pockets of the deranged. And sadly, we cast an apathetic glance to our brethren who cry out, suffer and in the end, die from Washington’s “exceptionalism”,

Or of a government, presiding over the richest country in the world, who can’t (and more honestly, won’t) provide a healthcare system where “medicare for all” is the norm as it is in most other industrialized countries.

The psychopath’s whom we continue to elect into office, continue to pay heed to, continue to allow most of us to be reamed up the ass in order to advance their interests of poverty for all and untold riches for themselves – are the ones who have brought of us to state of neglect of its most vulnerable; of preying on the sick with a system of chemical concoctions that make us more ill; or of a killing machine that extracts billions in order to kill millions of our kindred souls whom we have never met – all to advance the deranged idea…that might makes right.

Sometimes, the elegant denial of the shittery from the psychopath’s can only be realized with a “smile”, along with a healthy dose of telling the psychopath’s to f-off!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Nat King Cole ~ “Smile”

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  1. Thank you. So true. We continue to vote out the shysters only to find out we have been fooled again. Meet your new boss, same as the old boss. Love the Mencken quote. My favourite Mencken quote is ” If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.”

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