In the Bleak Midwinter…

You know how it goes. You’re not having a particularly good day.

The kids are paying scant attention to anything you say, frying their still-forming minds with junk emitted from their own hand held radiation devices that you purchased for them. What a drag – both for you, and later on, for them.

Or maybe you’re sitting alone at some airport food type place, chomping down on something to get you to your next destination when the bite of the something you think is food gets stuck in your throat…and not one other human sapien could give a flying shyte as you gasp for air, wave your arms all about and utter groans akin to the sounds from the bowels of hell.

And then we have our elected representatives. Whether or not they were unearthed in some type of CERN ritual or just oozed out of a pond scum infested lake – no one on knows for sure but what one can be assured of is that most of them are from the bowels of Hell as they continue to lay untold suffering upon innocents:

House GOP Leadership Thwarts Democracy by Once Gain Blocking Votes on Yemen

WASHINGTON – In response to the House of Representatives voting 206-203 to prevent a vote on H.Con.Res. 142 or any concurrent resolutions invoking the War Powers Act on Yemen, Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action’s Senior Director for Policy and Political Affairs, released the following statement:

“For the second time in less than a month, Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders in the House have opted to undermine our Democracy by slipping a rule to block a vote on ending U.S. support for the war in Yemen into an entirely unrelated bill. They have once again taken the position that ending or even debating the U.S. role in the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet is not worth serious consideration, even as the United Nations warns the war-induced famine in Yemen could soon become the worst famine in 100 years. There’s a grotesque irony in Republican leadership using the farm bill, legislation meant to ensure Americans are fed, to stop debate on ending U.S. support for a war that is starving millions in Yemen. via

The latest figures tell us that some 60,000 Yemeni’s have died since 2016. Evidently, 60,000 deaths isn’t enough for our “elected officials”. The deaths of innocents somehow don’t make the grade when it comes to many a Republican’s (and other’s) stand of being Pro-Life.

Some dark day in Hell, all will see the ceremonies of elected officials being welcomed into the pit.  Honors due as these miscreants line up for their rewards for ending innocents’ lives – for spewing hatred, hypocrisy, dread and impossible burdens upon their brethren to overcome.

When the country you live in…when it’s elected representatives choose to murder innocents over and over again, no matter the country they call home – no matter the bullshit platitudes from these elected representatives who seek to bury their shittery so that no one will see – we do see, and it is still murder.

Whether it is too late to wake up our brethren  – whether they be our neighbors, friends or family, to the carnage dispensed by psychopath’s whom we continue to elect; from corporate media a-holes who promote the government’s continued carnage and vice versa –  who knows if our efforts will ever succeed. Sadly, so few of us dare to tread upon the hallowed beliefs that anything different than that which has brought us to where we are now, can ever be considered.

Yet it is hard to imagine that upon the day you take you or I take our last breath, we will be given an eternal pass by whatever universe in charge where it would have been acceptable to sit idly by, with thumbs readied for the next horrendously boring text; blissfully and willfully ignorant of the murder and deaths of innocents our silence continues to afford.

And though the Senate today passed a bill today to end support for the Saudi war in Yemen, a complimentary bill to the one passed by the Senate must be passed by the House of Representatives. With the Trump agenda to keep the status quo and a new House come January, who knows how many more innocents will die from yet another Washington and corporate backed war.

And if you’ve read this far…consider reading a bit more, from Mr. Graham Hancock:

From Graham Hancock’s blog, December 1st, 2018

There is so much division in the world today, so much hatred, so much fear, so much suspicion and so much greed that our species seems close to tearing itself apart and rendering the Earth uninhabitable in the process.

What fools we are to allow such a state of affairs to persist, and to allow politicians and religious mis-leaders – for their own short-term gain — to divide us from one another in order to rule us.

Brothers and sisters, wherever we are, no matter on which land or under which political or religious system chance brought us to be born, the time has come to awaken from this nightmare of our own making and remember the truth about ourselves — that we are all members of one family, no matter how widely scattered, that none of us have the slightest justification to claim superiority over any other, and that we all share the same hopes, fears, courage, fragility and capacity for love.

United we stand. It is just plain madness to continue to allow ourselves to be divided and defined by the artificial barriers of nation, race or creed. We must remember our common humanity, remember that we are one family, and put that realisation first before all other considerations if our species is to survive the challenges of the coming years and return once again to being good stewards of this precious garden of a planet. – Via  Vic Bishop, Staff writer for


Tonight’s musical offering:

“In the Bleak Midwinter” – Gustav Holst – Gloucester Cathedral Choir

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