Screw Their Synthetic Offerings

When you were a young one, dreaming of what you wanted to be when you grew up – whatever you dreamt that you wanted to be didn’t seem to be that complicated.  You thought of it, it seemed wonderful, and that was that. Someday, you’d be whatever you fancied way back when and that was pretty much it – at least it was in your young mind that hadn’t yet been fully indoctrinated with the BS of conformity.

Of course, sadly, conformity is bashed upon our skulls from the moment we enter the educational “system”, where one is taught to forget themselves and assume’s the skin of someone they never really wanted to be. Get in line and behave.

The replicants or lizards of today who crack the whip; who control our educational systems, our governments, the media and creation of the technological goo we inhale every minute of every day, have us duly enslaved in a system of synthetic horseshit – and they won’t be letting up, ever.

College students are texting while sleeping and most don’t even remember doing so, according to a study.

CBS reports:

More than 25 percent of the kids surveyed said they texted in their sleep and 72 percent of those students say they don’t remember doing it, reports CBS2’s Scott Rapoport.

“…People have gotten used to sleeping next to their devices,” said sleep specialist Dr. John Werber. “So subconsciously people are falling off to sleep and there may be some angst about communicating with someone or contacting someone.

“They’re reaching for the phone in this kind of altered state [of] consciousness,” he said. via

Surprising? Hardly.

As 5G, “smart” phones, the Internet of Things (IoT), utility “smart” meters and AI (Artificial Intelligence) corrupt our lives, our health and our minds to the point where we allow dickheads, who’ll make a pretty penny off our conformity to their insanity, dictate an existence seeped in digits, radiation, surveillance, and adopting a synthetic version of our ourselves, casting aside the brilliance each of us were born with – how much longer we will have a life where our every thought is an obedience to the psychopath’s dead dreams of compliance to their insanity, to their depravities, to their absolute f**kery?

There is a way out.  It starts with one word – “no”. Stop believing in the emptiness these shysters have you hypnotized to buy into.  Believe in your dreams, in your talents and abilities.  Be the next Beethoven, the next Malcolm X, the next Martin Luther King, the next Rembrandt, the next Bach – or even better – just be yourself and honor your dreams of the person you want to be and be that person – and don’t be afraid to tell the control freaks, the replicants, the lizards of the modern era who are counting on your conformity to their BS – to f**k off!

Caitlin Johnstone gives us a beautiful blueprint to breaking free from the corporate prison, in a scant four and half minutes:



Tonight’s musical offering:

Bach: Concerto for 3 Pianos, BWV 1063 III – Allegro (D. Fray, J. Rouvier, E. Christien)

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