All We Need, is Indeed…Love

We’ve all seen or heard them – hyperventilating hyena’s, freaking out that the political party they believe in, will or will not be able to deliver on their campaign promises of marshmallow smores falling from the sky once elected to occupy the rings of Hell, also known as the criminal’s den of liars, bounders, flakes, snowflakes, cads, and other vapid minds, i.e., Washington.

Now that the Democrats will have control of the House come January – Republican-minded idiots are losing their shyte, predicting all sorts of gooey stickiness that the nation will soon be facing – just as the Democrats lost their lunch back in January, 2016, when the guy with orange hair took the reins of advancing Washington hegemony across the globe – as all presidents for the past 40 years or so have done.

The more things change…the more they stay the same.

But it’s the Christmas season, where chumps continue to listen, obey and consume the f**kery of the corporate media’s rendition of a holiday, that what was once, a Holy day, turned on its head in order to get you to deposit your hard earned cash into the overflowing bins of profits of the incompetents and sub-mediocrities (also known as CEO’s) who make billions off of chumps who haven’t yet figured out that they are being played – each and every December.

The smarter version of a humanoid here at the Asylum recently said – “All that is needed for Christmas is what we already have” – the absolute and unrelenting love from the canine here at the Asylum, with the affectionate moniker given him, of Sir Happy Hennery.

“Henry”, or as we sometimes call him, “Hennery O’Connor” (a nod to the novelist, Flannery O’Connor) or “Sir Happy Henry” – he is what keeps the demons of the modern era at bay – with his always present abundance of happiness and love – his wagging backside whenever anyone might enter the Asylum.

Love, is what Sir Henry gives to all.

May each of you be blessed with your version of “Henry” – whether they be cat, dog or other this time of year.

And may the love you experience stay the same, for indeed, all we need is love.


Tonight’s musical offering:

King’s College Cambridge ~ “Once in Royal David’s City”


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