This Is How It Starts

It was the oddest of things – something one doesn’t see much of in this modern mess of heads bent at the proper angle, staring at a screen telling them the mostly insignificant BS of another’s day.

It was so odd, that I was initially caught a bit off guard – a bit confused to see such a scene.

There was nothing particularly enchanting of being where I was.  It was a visit to a corporate maze of household items necessary to purchase from time to time to continue to operate inside the matrix.

There wasn’t the mind-numbing Xmas muzak being pumped through their sound system. The store wasn’t particularly crowded, but crowded enough where there were 15 or so humans standing in line waiting to be checked out.

The scene started out innocently enough, as an elderly woman, as least she looked to be a bit older than me at 63, did the unthinkable.  She started interacting with those of us in the queue.

She wasn’t fritting or fretting over things. She was offering a coupon, one of those 20% off coupons to anyone in line who didn’t have one.  In the initial seconds of this bizarre interaction of strangers talking to strangers, no one was quite sure what to do.

What was this brazen act? Why wasn’t she staring at her hand-held radiation device, ready to react to stupid texts or social media debauchery? Surely, she had escaped from the nearby assisted living facility and was out practicing unheard of acts of thoughtfulness.

Well, her little offering of a coupon that I didn’t have, because I’m old and mostly dumb most of time and forget to bring these coupons with me to the store – I thought, sure, why not – I’ll take you up on your offer.

I thanked for her thoughtfulness, but then, as if we were all in queue to get poked in the arm with a bunch of chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies, grocery, stores, local news broadcast’s of f**kery, doctors offices, hospital ER’s and caring government agencies implore us to take in, in order to ward off whatever “xyz” illness they want you to “love the needle” to not cure, but what gives you the frickin’ ailment in the first place – and suddenly realizing their offering’s are nothing more than bat shit – the modern day disease of apathy, glumness and indifference started to crack.

The woman in front of me then decided to open her purse to reveal not just one or two coupons, but at least 20 of them, of which she started handing out to everyone down the line.  What an affront! And to make matters worse, her kindness became a bit infectious, leading everyone of us in line to start visiting with each other.  Sure, it was about the mundane, but as unbelievable as it may sound, strangers were visiting with strangers – and smiling and enjoying it.  WTF?

This type of shyte simply can’t be tolerated. Strangers acknowledging other strangers – random acts of thoughtfulness multiplying before one’s very eyes – and even more dreadful, people actually talking to another individual…live, in person?  Jesus, Mary and Joseph – what was happening here?

As I was beckoned to the nearest available check-out person (who was the kindest and most pleasant check-out person I’ve ever encountered) I looked back to those still in queue and quickly discerned the reason for these break-out acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Not one individual in line was staring at their damn cell phone. In fact, I couldn’t make out anyone who had their hand-held radiation device in their hands!

This is how it starts. Putting away our electronic addictions and looking up to see a blue sky, looking up to catch snowflakes falling the sky,  looking up to see a suffering soul on a street corner begging for our change and to actually depart with what we would spend on non-necessities in order to provide the tiniest bit of relief to our suffering brethren.

Life is mostly shittery. But a bit of interaction with other souls, particularly souls we’ll never see again but can share a moment of cheer and smiles with certainly doesn’t hurt.

And who knows where this type of human interaction might lead to. We might actually start seeing police removing their helmets and join in solidarity with citizens protesting corrupt government.

As crazy as it sounds, it did happen in Paris, and it can happen all around the world, if we will wake up just a bit, and stand up to the corporate and government shysters who make the lives of so many, so miserable.


Tonight’s musical offering:

One of the most prolific of classical music composers, who continually told the powers that be in his era, to f-off. Play it loud with headphones on for the full, beautiful assault on your mind and soul – crying out for each of us to stand for what is right, what is pure and what is truth.

Beethoven –  Symphony No. 5, Op.67 in C minor – Movement #4  – Allegro

Karl Böhm, Wiener Philharmoniker

Photo credit:


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