One Dastardly Pothole After Another

Life is one dastardly pothole of trouble after another, with just enough nice moments here and there to give one the illusion that all roads traveled in the future will be freshly paved and trouble free.

Of course, paradise on this planet or whatever it is, could be realized in an instant if we had benevolent “rulers” who chose life over death, truth over lies and propaganda, and compassion and love rather than discord, hatred, wars and death.

Or…if enough of us rejected the overlords’ present maze of endless insanity that we willingly follow by purchasing their peculiar brand of stench day in and day out  – the bastards just might be routed out and sentenced to rotting away in a cesspool of their own filth for the rest of their days.

“What I want is a good, strong monarchy with a tasteful and decent king who has some knowledge of theology and geometry and to cultivate a Rich Inner Life.” – John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces

A “rich inner life” can rarely be pursued in this hashtag era of inane quips we are surrounded with in this stupendously idiotic modern era.

Working a job putting in 60+ hours a week, or two or three jobs to keep food on the table and heat in the home is the “norm” for the ordinary citizen here in the richest country in the world, no matter what horseshit one hears from radio talk show nutjobs, or the mind-numbing local news you might catch a whiff of that tells you what to think, what to be obsessed with, what to digest –  until you freak out from their utter shittery and succumb to projectile vomiting.

A-holes abound, shysters are at every corner, beckoning you to buy into whatever shyte they are peddling.

The current shittery of the day is eulogizing the life of a deceased heathen president, who ended thousands of innocent lives – and we aren’t bothered in the least that with flags at half-mast, we are, in essence, celebrating the deaths of millions of innocents at the hands of a madman.

But because so many are wrapped up in the stench of social media depravity, waking up enough to smell the toe-jam of the stench offered up to each of us every day is too tall of an order – for it asks of us that we think, that we have compassion and that we have the spirit and strength to stand for truth.

And all the while, our human brethren suffer, they are left forgotten and discarded, while these psychopath’s continue on with their insanity…and how many give enough of a flying f**k to look up from their programming devices long enough to understand they are the chumps these shyster’s continue to play upon – day after day.

We are led down the yellow brick road toward absolute insanity each and every day.  We are so lulled into a state of apathy and stupidity that we actually believe that purchasing plastic shit made in China duly celebrates a Holy day turned into a holiday of excess.

We might wonder, from time to time, why life in the modern era is so completely “f**ked up.

There is no mystery…as we only need to look to ourselves and the lies and propaganda we buy into each day, thinking shyster’s and psychopath’s are going to magically change course, and give back to humanity the tiniest fraction of the lives, kindness, empathy and love they steal from us each day.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote in one of his recent articles on the passing of his beloved cat, “Boy”…

If Only Humans Were as Good as Animals, Then There Would be Hope for the World



Tonight’s musical offering:

Pianist, Anna Fedorova ~ Chopin, Ballade No. 3, Opus 47

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