Choices We Continue to Ignore

As vast as the number of unique snowflakes falling from the Winter sky in this groovy modern era, most of those living in the West have mind-boggling avenues of choices to pick from when it comes to the food we eat, the television news outlets available for us to watch, doctors and hospitals to visit and even politicians to vote for.

Life for those who have the scratch to pay for the choices strewn about the yellow brick road can sometimes be mesmerized and hypnotized by all before them.

From the 11 companies who control the food you might purchase, to the 6 companies who control most of the news you hear, to the political parties of the two different, yet the same political parties you get to vote for, to the 10 worldwide pharmaceutical conglomerates who give us their lovely varieties of chemicals that have those unique side affects that only they can provide…you know, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness, loss of appetite, headaches, nausea, muscle damage, liver damage, increased risk of diabetes, kidney damage, and if you’ve been prescribed one of their more heinous offerings: death. Isn’t choice great?

And then on the war-making front, why there’s always the choice to throw the bum out of office who gave us a continuation of the wars and killing of the previous president/administration, only to be replaced by another nutjob who continues to export what Washington does best…bringing death and destruction to countries who pose no threat to the homeland.

And isn’t a treat that the Democrats now have control of the “House”, that way they can follow up with their previous offerings of the nothingness they offered before, when they had the lower chamber under that president who spent both his terms bombing the hell out of innocents in sovereign nations. They’ve even ensured that we’ll have the same Speaker of the House – the always entertaining and completely vapid, Ms. Pelosi.

Don’t our choices bring us such glad tidings?

Our health system in the U.S. is a sort of fantasy that healthcare is provided for all – provided you have thousands to drop in the pockets of healthcare providers before actual benefits kick in.  Didn’t the genius Pelosi utter: “We’ll have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”?  Indeed, just another lamentable idiot assuring us that the choices we make in continuing to vote in these shysters will one day, some day, make a difference.

But not to worry…more choices are on their way.

The guy with orange hair wants to expand “Trump TV” international to show how ‘great’ America is.  Doubtful this will be required viewing in nations of the Middle East  that Trump and his predecessor’s have laid to ruin.

But we still have choices – choices that we continue to ignore.

We can shop local whenever possible for our sustenance.

We can use cash to pay for our necessities, rather than using the cartel of banks and credit card companies.

We can educate ourselves of the wonders of herbs, vitamins and natural supplements that God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this circus have given to us all to combat that which ails us and our loved ones.

We can turn off our electronic devices, if even for a few hours each day, and take time to research, to dig in a bit…to find out that nearly all that we have been taught, nearly all the daily guano given to us by the psychopath’s, the plutocrats, the sociopath’s along the yellow brick road…is, for the most part, a f**kin’ lie.

In other words, we can say ‘no’ to the choices these shysters offer us, and chose a better way for each of us, and for our families and loved ones.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gershwin: “Lullaby”

Gershwin wrote ‘Lullaby’ as a harmony exercise for his teacher Edward Kilenyi in 1919 or 1920. He wrote it both as a string quartet and piano piece and it remained unpublished until 1968. It was played as a string quartet by the composer’s friends but not premiered until the Juilliard Quartet played it at the Library of Congress in 1967.

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