The Suffering Soul

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

As some Westerner’s took the long, holiday weekend to beat the bejesus out of their fellow human being in order to purchase mostly junk made in China; with many more scrolling page after page on the world wide waste in order to “celebrate” the life of a carpenter/prophet/holy one/Son of God (or whatever you might believe) who stood for peace and love – who stood against the heathens of His day who used and abused the poor, the outcast, the sick and the lost –  the mostly forgotten suffering soul of today makes their attempt to get through just another day – a day, just like any other, where their suffering cannot be understood by even those who love them the most, because it is uniquely their suffering.

We all know of at least one, maybe more of the suffering soul, and maybe it is you.

But it is not a soul racked in confusion over their beliefs, over their convictions, over their accomplishments, whether they be small or great. The suffering soul is maybe a family member, a dear friend, a spouse, a lover, a child, another innocent in far away lands ravaged by Washington’s continued insistence of sending more bombs to end innocents lives.

It is the soul of your brethren, whether next door or across an ocean – suffering from all types of illnesses, from poverty, from loneliness, from sickness, diseases, neglect and from the destruction of families and lives that psychopathic leaders, whether they be here or in another country, seek to advance, not just today, but have century after century.

Evil is a tough nut of a thought for most to crack.

You are good and decent, and it’s difficult to imagine another who is the opposite of the good, the kindness and love you possess – who is apathetic, indifferent, evil…consumed by the accumulation of more money, more power, more control – and to hell with another suffering soul who gets in their way – unless, of course, they can make a buck or two or a few million off the sufferings of others. It is nearly impossible to believe such miscreants were ever birthed…but they are as sure among us as suffering is common to all.

“There is no limit to suffering human beings have been willing to inflict on others, no matter how innocent, no matter how young, and no matter how old. This fact must lead all reasonable human beings, that is, all human beings who take evidence seriously, to draw only one possible conclusion: Human nature is not basically good.” – Dennis Prager

And human nature has NOT been aided toward the better by the psychopath’s who are in charge of everything – in government, in education, in medicine, and in the media. They have systematically set a course for one generation to the next to be more dumb, more apathetic, more self-obsessed and forever further from their true, inner selves, and closer to being chained in complete slavery to these demons .

It is not the fault of the suffering soul, for the most part, of their plight. For we are all a suffering soul, save maybe those psychopath’s with their sell-out to the f**kery of whatever age they found themselves in, and who chose to bring the lies, the insouciance, the deplorable insanity of demons to innocent souls.

It is the choice we continue to make each year at this time to acquiesce to the absolute stench of shittery offered each holiday season – that being, to continue to swallow the corporate line that purchasing their junk is in order to make others happy – and their insanity we continue to swallow, season after season.

The Christmas season…it isn’t about the junk we might purchase to give to others, it isn’t about the cards sent, or of “celebrating” a holiday concert with those whom we love…it’s about sending your love and care to those in your life who are suffering, who are ill, who are spending their final days by themselves – understanding that what you impart to others as they face life’s calamities alone, will come back to you many years from now (if we have that long) in a face you don’t initially recognize, but knowing in your heart and soul is what eternity is made of.

Before it’s too late, try to recognize and come to terms with truth – and pass it along to those suffering souls you know of who are searching for it.

If interested in a history you may not be familiar with, but know in your bones that just might be true, please consider checking out Max Igan’s latest.  Yes, it’s 55 minutes long…but YOU are worth exploring a truth outside the modern day BS each of us are offered.


Tonight’s musical offering:

The beautiful smile of Ms. Fedorova –  her talent, her musical gift to us all in continuing to bring to life glorious music which just might inspire us to pass along the spirit of love, of truth and inspiration from past ages…this is the stuff!

Pianist Anna Fedorova and the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie led by Yves Abel performing Tchaikovsky’s ‘Piano Concerto No. 1’ (final moments) in The Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

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  1. Thank you for your comment, Rosaliene, of how suffering has provided an avenue to develop compassion, which is so spot on. I mistakenly hit the spam button on your comment, which I certainly didn’t intend to do but wanted to acknowledge your comment, which I thank you for.

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