Please…Buy More Junk

Please buy more junk should be the motto under any “Black Friday” or “holiday season” shopping ad. There simply isn’t enough junk in America, we need more junk to fill garages, basements, trash bins, land fills and oceans.

We need to buy more junk to keep the profits of corporations high, the shareholders happy and CEO pay 361 times that of the average worker.  We’ve been entrusted with a job of keeping all these shysters in their estates and by God, we all need to pitch in and do our part in eradicating a religious holy day and replacing it with a hedonistic devotion to plastic, non-necessities and more junk.

Even the local TV propaganda stations do their best to keep the holiday shopping hysteria at just the right level to make the viewer feel like they are missing out on the event of the year if they’re not in line come Thanksgiving evening with other stuffed Americans, ready to purchase whatever junk is needed to keep the machine oiled and running.  Bless their souls, they even give you a forecast of the weather conditions you can expect when you enter the line of shame at your local corporate conglomerate selling junk at 6:00 AM on the Friday after the Thanksgiving gluttony.

But it’s not just the “holiday season” of Americans getting into more debt to add to the debt from the previous holiday season – it’s a nation riddled in debt to pay for more of Washington’s shenanigans.

$5.9 TRILLION has been spent post 9/11 on Washington’s idea of peace on earth and good will toward man – which basically is nothing more than Washington sending our sons and daughters to kill and be killed in wars for Washington’s regime change activities.

Our grandparents and their parents knew how to celebrate a holy day without throwing away hundreds or thousands of hard earned money on bogus bullshit holiday purchases of junk. But when value is placed on having the latest, biggest and most expensive TV screen, that can listen and record your activities and remarks, to the point where idiots standing in line to purchase more junk is the lead story on your local news propaganda broadcast – it’s a decent bet that most have completely lost their way.

It’s difficult to overcome the holiday buying conditioning from BS corporate and media con artists depicting fairy tales of goodwill, happiness and unheard of sensory delights by buying shyte others don’t need for their happiness and well-being for a “holy day” turned upside down and presented as an opportunity to do our part to add to the junk of the modern day collective.

Whether one believes in the “Jesus” thing is an entirely different matter.  And if one does believe, no where in the Bible or other accounts of the Master teacher do we find statements to go forth, purchase junk and give it to others to celebrate his birth.

P.T. Barnum is attributed to have said, “there’s a sucker born every minute“. Americans celebrating this upcoming “holy day”, prove him right.

There are ways to celebrate the upcoming holiday (or holy day) that won’t bastardize your inner soul…included here are ways to overcome the guano of corporate trickery to buy more of their shyte in order to make your loved ones happy by buying junk they’ll soon discard – celebrating the life of an individual born a couple of thousand of years ago who had no inkling that human souls would digress to the point where the most inane notions –  that of wrapping junk in pretty packaging would equate to life in nirvana.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Whenever we here at the Asylum are perplexed – which is most of the time…we turn to
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to provide clarity:

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonía No. 41, en do mayor, K 551 “Júpiter” – (menuetta & molto allegro) ~ Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia – Lorin Maazel, Director.

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