Because…This is What They Do

Ah yes –  the mad rush of imbeciles descending upon underpaid retail folks, knocking down doors, yelling, throwing punches , and then foisting plastic junk made in China over their shoulders that they fought valiantly to obtain, in a mad dash to have the latest mind-programming tech garbage for their families to drool over, thereby insuring never a original thought will be realized – this is what the day after the belly-filling “Thanksgiving” holiday is all about.

But as imbeciles across the globe partake in a little bit of dumpster diving, retail shopping style, it’s comforting yet troubling to come to terms of that which we’ve suspected for too many years…that nearly all intelligence has been vanquished, and the sad sack of humans fighting over purchasing junk to add to their credit card debt and then to landfills across the globe, though not included in the Bible as one of the signs that the end is near, surely should be if there still is the God nearby who created this world and has witnessed century after century of humans laying to waste other humans, through wars, greed, lies, treachery and the tried and true inhumane potion of apathy.

United States (Sputnik) – In the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic, the price of one company’s version of a life-saving drug, naloxone, which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, has skyrocketed.

According to a new investigative report by Senators Rob Portman (R-OD) and Tom Carper (D-DE), drug company Kaleo has increased the price of its version of the drug (brand name: EVZIO) a whopping 600 percent, from $575 to $4,100, during the last four years. The drug can treat a narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. via

Regrettably, this is what most humans do…screw the bejesus out of each other…whenever and however they can.

Nearly 85,000 children under the age of five may have starved to death in Yemen – Ho Hum! You won’t hear of this on your 5,000 square inch TV you just went into further debt for- where, once plugged in, you can continue to listen to the BS coming out of CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBS, PBS, CBS, ABC and the entire entourage of mainstream media liars.

Instead, you’ll be given the drip, drip, drip of “news” hand selected by these shysters to keep you dumb, stupid and asleep.

But for those, semi, or even, God forbid, fully awake that there is real news of the bounty of the Creators’ blessings:

Powerful organic compounds found in medical cannabis can slash some cancers by 50%, researchers find – via

Once again, the 5,000 square inch TV won’t provide you with this news…instead, all that is offered is a smorgasbord of the latest insanity they are counting on you to continue to buy into.

News that isn’t news, factoids that are made up, promises of life-saving medical guano, wars that others sons and daughters must be sent to fight on against the war on terror that only Washington’s demons invent – it is the choicest of f**kery that we continue to believe in.

Stop for just a few seconds and think…why would you – a rational, gifted, intelligent human being, continue to believe in the most rancid of offerings from absolute degenerates birthed century after century, that have been proven to be the lowest of outhouse dwellers, scraping up the shit at the bottom of the outhouse, and through the “magic” of news they concoct day in and day out, make the request that you believe in their outright f**kery, day in and day out.

Just stop already – stop listening to their bullshit…for they are the demons. They are the shysters – without a care in the world that their jive you continue swallow from their emptiness, propaganda, lies, and daily manipulation of the truth. They are counting on you to continue to be the chumps who spout their BS, without a lick of it being true.

Please…. stop already, and come back to the real of the “love train”.  Yes, it’s outdated, but needed more today than ever before, as the insanity of killing other because of the BS of Washington’s hegemonic dreams, ends not just with extermination of the lives of others in sovereign nations, but also the lives of our own brethren here at home.

Who knows how much longer we have to “join in” to the real deal – but for those of you who believe, please pass it on:


Tonight’s musical offering:

The O’Jays – “Love Train”

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