All Those Irritating Moments

Life is full of irritating moments – no, actually, it’s almost overflowing with them.

The car battery dies, the water heater starts leaking, the latest text you just received really does require a response beyond the offering of an emoji, and you finally have come to the conclusion, after witnessing their shenanigans first-hand, that most C-level management types pulling down outrageous sums of money for irritating almost anyone they come in contact with on any given day, really are assholes.

But if you think you have problems, and moments, hours or even days of irritating things you must attend to – have pity on the poor wretch, Deputy Defense Secretary, Pat Shanahan, who is peeved with the issue of audits on the Pentagon, with the “first audit ever done” on the Pentagon failing miserably.

How bad the failure was is something of a mystery at this point, with officials refusing to disclose the exact results, or even ballpark how much money is unaccounted for. The only clue to the sheer scope of the matter is that they believe it will take “years” to sort out.

…Deputy Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan told reporters that the Pentagon “never expected to pass it” in the first place.

Indeed, Shanahan insisted that even though the Pentagon failed the audit, the fact that they even bothered to do an audit at all “is substantial,” and shows effort toward compliance. That said, he said the issue of audits is “irritating to me.” – via

Indeed.  Let’s just stop this nonsense of audits and other unpleasant types of accountability BS for these beleaguered officials, who won’t disclose the exact results of the audit – leaving these poor slobs to wail and moan over the irritation of it all. It probably wound’t be too outlandish to assume he’ll be looking for that black hole in space where all the money has been stored that the Pentagon simply can’t find or won’t tell us about, along with all the other bazillion’s of dollars that have been squandered away by Washington.

But if Pat thinks he’s got irritating problems to deal with, he should send along an emoji of sympathy to Hillary Clinton – for the problems she faces are just a tad bit more irritating that some dumb audit:

A federal judge has ordered Hillary Clinton to respond to further questions, under oath, about her private email server. via

Can’t this peat bog mummy just dismiss the order as yet another example of Russian meddling in her personal affairs and get back to rubbing black Russian caviar all over her face?  After all, it’s not like she doesn’t have experience with deals made with the Russians or smashing up a couple of her Blackberrys.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Violinist Alena Baeve and the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker Orchestra conducted by Alexandre Bloch perform Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto op.35 (final moments)

Photo credit:


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