Another Unimportant Election

As voters and political types gather around the idiot box tonight to cheer on the moron of their choice, who, masquerading as a non-deviant, promises, if elected to perform feats of magic and either impeach the guy with orange hair, or ride his Twitter tantrums to another couple of years of being paid handsomely to do nothing more than spread opulent amounts of guano about the fruited plane, the collective of the insouciant hold their breath.

Once the evening is over and the costs of yelling at the TV, computer, hand held radiation device or radio because someone expressed an opinion outside the parameters of accepted thought handed down to us by the same system that gives us choices of moron #1 or moron #2 to vote for – the nagging question on many a mind will probably be why did I waste so much time and energy with participating in an exercise of utter shittery.

There wasn’t a whisper of promises from these shyster candidates to stop the 24/7/365 surveillance of each and every one of us by our “loving” government; nor any promises to end the endless war on terror that have wasted a few million lives along with wasting billions on those killings. There weren’t any promises to even take a gander at the largest prison system on earth where 2.3 million citizens are incarcerated. Nor any promise to reign in the pharmaceutical monsters and their poisonous offerings. There wasn’t any talk of the billions wasted on wars while our own here at home suffer from poverty, homelessness and inadequate health care coverage – nor a morsel of rants against the corporate conglomerates who censor free speech. In the end, it is nothing more than an election of manufactured outrage.

Recently, I watched a few videos of individuals who encountered NDE (near death experience). Now, whether true or imagined, none of those who “died” and came back to this idiocy – none of the choices provided by the gods of reasons to come back was to vote for a particular stench of a party of insanity that would only continue on the with the ragtag of demolishing any who don’t adhere to their f**kery  – rather the reasons granted by the gods to return to their lives was to enrich the lives of their loved ones – and this is where it all starts.

I could be very wrong, but it seems doubtful that we were created to vote in misfits into positions of power to reek havoc among the creators’ wonders.

It isn’t an election that will turn the masses toward love, harmony and peace – it is the decision that each of us are faced with at some point during our lives, and most often times decisions we are faced with each and every day that we continue to ignore – that being, whether we stand for truth, freedom, honesty and love – the love and well-being of our own and humanity at large – and not the red or blue checkmark – that signifies nothing more than an allegiance to more of the same…more wars, more surveillance, more ill health, more invasions into our privacy and more of the guano that these political a-holes offer.

Each of us, in our hearts, know the right thing to do for ourselves and our loved ones.  And absolutely none of it rests with giving away our minds, our hearts – our very selves, to shysters who smile their demonic smiles, and offer nothing more than a continuation of traveling down the road of apathy, where we hand off our hearts, minds and souls, and submit to the tyranny of a-holes fermenting in Hell.

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” ~ Mark Twain


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart –  Symphony No 35 in D major, K 385 “Haffner” (Presto)  ~  Orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia, Rome, Sir Antonio Pappano, Conductor

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