Such is Life in the Richest Country in the World…For Now

You know how it is.  The washing machine decides to stop working just in time for the 4 loads of laundry you were planning to do, with your hand-held radiation device in hand to catch up on all the latest of the inane stupidity of your BFF’s that you really don’t care about but feel compelled to kill off a few more brain cells by joining in on the fun. Now, that’s a drag.

Such is life in the richest country in the world…for now.

Then, your hand-held radiation device blows up and you retreat to your computer or “pad” of some sort in order to catch up on social media of all the pressing guano you’re missing out on, venting to your Facebook followers of the current shittery you’re enduring. Sadly, no one cares.

Such is life in the richest country in the world…for now.

Then you catch a tidbit on whatever media ‘platform’ you listen to, or hearing a phrase at the grocery store from some pajama wearing, avocado purchaser, impatiently in line behind them, that Russia and China are preparing for war, and you think to yourself, do I have friends in Russia or China? Screw that shyte even if I do, Halloween is right around the corner.

And when the Trump administration announced that it was withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, that pushed things to a new low.  In the aftermath of that announcement, Russian official Andrei Belousov boldly declared that “Russia is preparing for war”

He said: “Here recently at the meeting, the United States said that Russia is preparing for war.

Yes, Russia is preparing for war, I have confirmed it.

“We are preparing to defend our homeland, our territorial integrity, our principles, our values, our people – we are preparing for such a war.” via

Well nuts, this might get in the way of my epic Halloween gathering I’ve spent months preparing for too many friends I can count, most of whom won’t show up. What a drag – not the war shyte – moreso that my Halloween party won’t be the success I predicted it would when I texted out my plans for it back in July.

Then you hear that one in ten bridges in the US are urgent need of repair, just a scant 63,000 of them, here in the richest country in the world, and you wonder…are any of those bridges the ones all my social media addicts would be using to get to my Halloween bash?

Such is life in the richest country in the world…for now.

You are blissfully ignorant of what you’re government does, what your government hides, the invasion into your privacy each and every day

You care not that the U.S. has the most expensive and least effective health care systems, nor has it entered the domain in your mind that one in every three children in the U.S., lives in poverty.

But surely, you think to yourself, those who create the technological whizz that we all love and con ourselves into thinking we can’t live without – surely the tech guru’s who invented this shyte wouldn’t lead us astray…right?

New York Times’ New Articles on Silicon Valley Parents’ Fears About Kids and Screens Includes “The Devil lives in our Our Phones”:

The New York Times and many others have reported about this before so these concerns aren’t newand neither are Silicon Valley parents’ efforts to limit their kids’ use and exposure to technology:

This idea that Silicon Valley parents are wary about tech is not new. The godfathers of tech expressed these concerns years ago, and concern has been loudest from the top.

Tim Cook, the C.E.O. of Apple, said earlier this year that he would not let his nephew join social networks. Bill Gates banned cellphones until his children were teenagers, and Melinda Gates wrote that she wished they had waited even longer. Steve Jobs would not let his young children near iPads. – via

Wow…really? What a drag to be a child of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs!

Such is life in the richest country in the world….for now.

Meanwhile, outside the richest country in the world, Yemen is on the brink of an orchestrated famine, China is preparing for war, and censorship here in the richest country in the world is beyond anything that Orwell could have dreamed of.

Our bullshit wars on terror that have only ended the lives of millions of innocents; our healthcare system that is completely broken; the billions sent to the military industrial complex to end more lives, while our veteran’s, our poor, our sick and our homeless are ignored …and what concerns most in the West is the latest electronic goo that those who created it, won’t let their children get close to…

Such is life in the richest country in the world…for now.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Haydn: String Quartet No. 63 in B-Flat Major “Sunrise” – Rubin Quartett

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