The Creations of the Heavens Know

You probably don’t have the big, floppy ears of the elephant, nor the trunk – certainly not the weight and probably not their memory, but you do have the ability to learn, rather instantly, if you so choose.

Man Plays Piano to Soothe Ailing, Blind Elephants at Sanctuary in Thailand – via

They say an elephant never forgets, and those at Elephants World in Thailand will certainly never forget Paul Barton. Barton is the man who introduced these elephants to classical music.

Barton is a classical pianist who has shared his talents with some very big audiences — literally big. He spends a lot of his time performing for elephants. Barton shares his experiences with these giant creatures in vlogs on his YouTube channel and on Facebook, and his videos have gone viral.

It all started when he and his wife first discovered the sanctuary, Elephants World, online, Barton explains in a video. “We liked the sound of the place being a retirement center for old, injured and handicapped former logging and trekking elephants,” Barton said. “So we paid them a visit. I wondered if these old rescue elephants might like to listen to some slow classical music.”

Barton asked the employees at Elephants World if he could bring his piano and serenade the elephants some time, and they said yes. The first time Barton played his piano at Elephants World, a blind elephant that was eating his breakfast stopped in his tracks when he heard Beethoven for the first time. (emphasis added)

The video’s of Mr. Barton playing the piano for these awesome creatures is embedded in the article.  In the second video, Mr. Barton begins playing “Clair de Lune” by Debussy.  As soon as he starts playing the 2 minute piece, the elephants’ ears begin flapping back and forth, and continue flapping through the entire piece. I don’t know elephants behavior well enough to know if that is a sign of comfort – but I’m going to believe it is.

It would seem the elephants know when comfort, care and love are presented to them, along with having an exquisite taste in music! And while the same can be said of humans – these days, too many are, for whatever reasons, continuously attracted to the vile, the hideous, the outlandish and dividing.

But we do have the ability to turn away from that which we know, deep in our bones, is wrong, and like the elephants, welcome comfort and care when it comes our way.

And typically, care and comfort are accompanied by truth.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King


Tonight’s musical offering:

(As a commentator on this clip said, “Baroque music is the closest you’ll ever get to Heaven while still on Earth” – I’m biased toward their worldview and therefore inclined to agree)

LUIGI BOCCHERINI: FANDANGO (1798) – Quintet for two violins, violoncello, guitar and castanets N. 4, in D major

Photo credit: By Gorgo (Photo taken by author) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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