The Nightmares We Hand Down to Our Children

Sometimes bad dreams never go away.

Back in the early Sixties, when I was 8 years old or thereabouts, we all had to participate in exercises of taking cover under desks at school in the event of bombs parading down upon on us – this with the tensions with the former Soviet Union and the United States over the Cuban missile crisis.

I don’t remember being scared…I don’t remember much of anything about the crisis, other than the bad dreams any child might have with such lunacy all about.

Thank God the cooler heads of John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, and others – averted total or even worse, partial annihilation of the planet.

Obviously, since that time…the world hasn’t learned much of a damn thing. In fact, maybe the only thing learned was that total annihilation of the planet wasn’t in the best interests of the banksters, the con-men, the shysters, the psychopath’s – you know, basically those running the world. After all, total annihilation of the planet ends their lives of abundance, whereas conventional bomb droppings on innocents in countries that never posed a threat to any of the Western countries armed to the teeth with every type of death-inducing machinery imaginable that is good for the war business and keeps these nutjobs awash with whatever fetish or depravity they enjoy.

And so, since then, war after war – skirmish after skirmish has been hatched and relentlessly unleashed by demons for nothing more than the fun of it, and to line their pockets off the destruction and death that their war machines heap, and continue to heap, upon innocents – and many of those innocents are children. Not their children, mind you, but children nonetheless.

The nightmares, or even just bad dreams of my childhood are nothing compared to the nightmares that those children in Middle Eastern and Third World countries must face each day from the West’s happy tidings of bombing’s, for what purpose, no one is quite sure – that is, no one who listens to the tripe of corporate, media and government bullshitter’s who tell insouciant Westerner’s that the destruction their government lays upon whatever country they’re invading is done so to preserve our way of life here in the West.

Ah yes…a way of life that is nothing more than swallowing the propaganda of psychopath’s who do their daily best to convince the world at large that their means of peace on Earth involves silencing or murdering innocents each and every day.

One Yemeni Killed Every Three Hours – via

International aid group Oxfam has issued a warning on Friday that the number of civilian deaths in Yemen is soaring since August. During that time, they estimate that a civilian is killed roughly every three hours in a violent attack.

While some get caught in the cross-fire, most are victims of Saudi airstrikes, and that has Oxfam urging the world, and the US and UK in particular, to suspend arms sales to the Saudis. They say this is necessary “because of their disregard for civilian lives.”

But if you dissent to the insanity of the murders, the killings and destruction of innocents in lands far away from the comfort of your crib, with their homelands laid to waste – you are a Nazi sympathizer, you are a conspiracy theorist, you are to be banned from speaking your mind.

Standing up for peace is now considered “hate speech”. Standing up for free speech is also considered hate speech.

The delusional thinking of  too many who never question the nausea from the mainstream media and government tricksters that our “freedom’s” can only be preserved with the killing of innocents with continued wars; with the silencing of those who offer another way of thinking – suffer from the modern day sickness of believing all must adhere to the line of guano as spewed about by the very shysters who delight in hearing of the discord, of the hatred, of the nastiness of the masses directed toward any and all who don’t agree with what the modern day shysters’ offer.

And in the meantime, children die – but it’s not the children of these a-holes we continue to allow to run the show who are dying…it is not their sons and daughters who are sent to fight the wars they start – it is those of our own who suffer from the line of bullshit that has been crammed into the minds of innocents from one generation to another, where the ordinary human is led to believe that they know of nothing good, and only the keepers of insanity know better.

The nightmares we hand down to our children, and to the children of the world, are not just of war, are not just of oppression, nor of the demented sufferings innocents suffer from because of the deranged offerings of an era gone mad – the nightmares we hand down to our children is that which all of us suffer from in this age of technological goo – that being that we must submit to an avenue where we silence ourselves, where we squelch the truth and beauty in our hearts and minds, and give way to the continued exploitation of what the psychopath’s want from each of us…a continued obedience to war, to death, to suppression of our thoughts and to the end-game where we all march in lock-step of our demise via the pied-piper who gives us their smiles, telling us to calm ourselves and trust that the f**kery offered by these shysters, will pave the way to a peace on Earth and goodwill to all.

What a nightmare they continue to offer to us all, and sadly, a nightmare we continue to swallow.


Tonight’s musical offering: (One of our favorites, and if listened to, can only inspire one to resist the empty offerings of the era, and fight for truth, beauty and all that is right to save not only our children, but ourselves as well.)

Maurice Ravel ~  “Bolero” ~  London Symphony Orchestra ~  Conductor: Valery Gergiev

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