“Joyous Voices Sweet and Clear, Sing the Sad of Heart to Cheer”…

After about the 3rd bite of your marijuana edible; the 3rd toke of your joint: your 3rd martini of the night, or even after the 3rd hour in the Lotus position, all of life’s perplexing issues becomes quite clear – you were chosen to be dumped on this drainage of the solar system, if there truly is such a “system”, for unexplainable reasons that you’ll never be told, and even if the heavens opened up and shed a a ray of the reason why you are here…you probably wouldn’t believe it.

It’s too bad that candy canes and lollipops aren’t the everyday for citizens of Earth…alas, apparently, the gods didn’t have that in mind when they created this circus.

And it’s hard to come to grips with the insanity we all face each day and that said insanity was what the gods had in mind either.

But as the powers who shouldn’t be, no matter the age, no matter the time – have always sought to confuse, to throw a wrench into, to obstruct, to cast a stinking turd into discovering truth – it is no wonder that humankind’s venture into knowing what we don’t know, and what they do know, is one of the greatest exercise into the depths of futility.

Obsessed with group think – those who swallow the BS of the day of lies and modern day shittery, haven’t their heart in the game. They hardly believe the daily Twitter dumps, or their own, personal yelling and screaming, with their incensed stupidity towards all they haven’t a clue about proudly displayed.

At the end of the day…it’s all a game…all a show, where the pretenders of having the dawn of thought, are allowed to lead the regular citizen to the depths of Gehenna.

The political discourse of today turns reality on its head – as it’s intended to do.  Insanity rules – no matter whether it’s from the far right, far left, or any alternative group-think in between.

Nearly everyone has their “pre-set” of stupidity in their minds – and they’ll shout you down if you even attempt to offer an alternative worldview.

What we have today are misfits who would tell Beethoven how to re-write his 9th symphony; who would counsel Dostoevsky of his writings, who would condemn Twain, Malcolm X, King and others of the depths of their own suffering that the pre-school age twits of today haven’t a clue about.

America and most of the West are only interested in listening to the farts of the day.  They might bask in a momentary acknowledgement of…”oh yeah, I know who Beethoven was, I know who Malcolm X is, I’m acquainted with Twain, with Jesus, with Buddha, with all the great artists, musicians, and thinkers of the past”…but if pressed, they haven’t a clue of anything they offered.

And in the meantime, they’ll offer their two-bits of insanity to keep all us screaming at one another, reveling in their ignorance, in their simple-mindedness and in their love of ugliness.

Yet we still have the ability to reject their f**kery.

As many suffering from the spinelessness of past generations – what we allow ourselves to swallow each day from the well of insipidness that the modern day misfits offer, is nothing more than the depravity of so many of a lost soul who shouts to the heavens that they are the deranged gods of the era – and that their message of emptiness is what the masses must follow.

In reality, it is anything but that.

And yet, we continue to listen to the psychopath’s, ignoring the kindness, the love, the compassion and empathy that each of us were given upon our birth…and by allowing the ugliness of the modern era to extinguish the gifts we were given, we leave ourselves and our loved ones to a suffer the emptiness of the era of which we won’t fight against.


Tonight’s (seasonal) musical offering:

Barlow Bradford’s Utah Chamber Artists sing “Caroling, Caroling” by Alfred Burt for their 2012 Christmas Concert

Or…if you prefer…the classic from Mr. Nat King Cole (which is our preference, for what it’s worth):

Caroling, Caroling (Christmas Bells Are Ringing) ~Nat King Cole

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@joannakosinska


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