And On the Eighth Day, God Said…

And on the eighth day, God said…If you can’t respect each other, can’t stop murdering each other with your bombs, your guns, and military death-ware…if you can’t stop screaming at one another, can’t afford even a modest sense of friendliness to your brethren…if you won’t stop the poisoning of what I created, won’t stop the poisoning of your fellow brethren with pharmaceutical concoctions, won’t stop the poisonings of the minds of My brethren with the lies, propaganda, and willful ignorance of the good that rests in each and every soul…don’t expect Me to lay everything to waste and start over again.  You are doing a fine job of destroying the absolute beauty, love and wonder the heavens’ created for your own good.

You sicken the skies with your geo-engineering of the weather. You create havoc in the name of good. You promote all the vileness and ugliness that humans can conjure up and promote it as a new-found beauty of the ages…when it is nothing more than what the demons celebrate.

Your slyness wasn’t learned from me or any of the many teachers of love sent your way through the ages.  Your duplicity isn’t known here in eternity.  You have taught yourselves, on your own, that treachery, cheating, ignorance, hatred and every other vileness is the way you must live. So be it.

You want me to lay to waste the evil you have sown, generation after generation. You look to the heavens for answers.  It’s all there in your hearts that are so hardened, so wretched and opposed to any goodness, that starting all over again would be as insane as the ugliness you dish out to each other on a daily basis.

Truth and goodness is as unfathomable to many of you as hatred is to me. You ignore your brethren suffering from poverty, from loneliness, from illness and a host of other horror’s that you’ve allowed to be created – throwing out quaint and utterly outlandish offerings that is up to them to pull themselves out of the treachery you created.

The puffed-up ego’s of those whom you continue to allow to rule you, who continue to offer their mental sickness as a guide stone to what life is all about, with barely a whimper of protest, defines how far advanced into apathy and depravity you have sunk.

You expect me to protect the innocents when all you do is murder them each day, week and year. Is it not your duty to promote goodness, truth, honesty and love and protect all life? If you continue to choose to ignore the goodness of life – why should I destroy the little goodness I created that is left?

You are on the path to your own self-destruction. I, or Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins, or whatever other-worldly entity you might want believe in, to attribute the beginnings of all of this – the sicknesses and absolute insanity you offer to each other day in and day out, wasn’t part of our “agenda”.

We hoped for another alternative than what the free-will offerings you each were blessed with have produced.

Either by your silence, your ignorance, or your lack of willingness to fight off the lost souls who have chosen hatred, ugliness, lies and manipulation as their everyday – don’t think that I should come and save the day, year or era – when all that you have done is to ensure that the insanity, the death, the mayhem and sufferings of your brethren continues, by your own fruits, generation after generation.

You humans love to think you’ve outsmarted Me, the gods or whatever you may want to believe started the circus. You’ve only attempted to outsmart love…such efforts have never been, and never will be successful in eternity.

Generations of your relatives before you have tried to show you the way – and you have ignored them all, as the eighth day approaches.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ~ Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D minor ~ Nr. 20, KV 466, Romance

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