The Goo of the Era

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd.” ― Flannery O’Connor

Collected Works: Wise Blood / A Good Man is Hard to Find / The Violent Bear it Away / Everything that Rises Must Converge / Essays and Letters

There comes a point in every deranged writers’ mind when he, she, or other doesn’t want to write one more bloody word because, well, what’s the point? But we keep on trying.

As mass hysteria is climbing toward its zenith, those humans who have a bit of sanity left keep looking for the ship to board to take them away, far away, from their brethren who have, in essence, lost their minds.

Sadly, there is no ship, no boat, no car, no airplane they can board to escape the modern era, or any other era where people are ready to slit another’s throat because they have an opinion that doesn’t jive with their convoluted mish-mash of nuttery pinging about in their brains.

We sit, lay, or preferably, tastefully lounge in our homes, drinking vodka at the appropriate hour. Whenever we decide it might be okay to “check in” with the world, upon viewing the screaming hyena’s for whatever their cause – we are sent back to whatever comfort we can bury our heads in to avoid self-implosion…or avoiding laughing uncontrollably witnessing the mass melt-downs before us.

Remember when you were young and for whatever reasons, you had to go to the doctor for “a shot”. Remember the fear, the trepidation, the dread?  Of course you do, for in your young and innocent mind, you knew (divinely inspired probably) that the necessity of such a shot was bogus BS.

As the “flu season” approaches, you are inundated with the one pressing question of the season…that being, did you get your flu shot? Jesus, Mary and Joseph…please, just shut up – the “influenza” season is nothing more than a profit scam from the pharmaceutical conglomerates. They claim thousands have died from the flu from the previous bogus flu season, only to instill fear in each of us that sends us out the door to get their jab of chemicals each “season”.

The psychopath’s won’t just let us be…ever. They are forever hyping up shit, usually to benefit the pharmaceutical, military industrial complex, technological and other shit corporate entities – demanding we be afraid if we don’t shell out our hard-earned money for their concoctions that will either do us no good, or kill us or other innocents. It’s all for the dollar, the pound, the euro…or simply, the money.

If the government and corporate shysters gave an actual f*** about any of us, the “medicines” that Mother Earth provided to each and every one of us, the medicines that the Native American’s knew of deeply, and each generation before them, wouldn’t be redacted to the point where it takes day after day of research in order to get a rudimentary understanding of that which we should all know about.

Instead, all we are offered is the chemical goo of the day that we are required to pay for…the modern day shyte that rarely heals, and usually always leads to further health complications.

It is the age of the shysters, and maybe it has always been – that of the smiling misfit as they reach into our pockets.

They are nuanced, so they tell us. They know what’s best for us…so they tell us. They care about us, and particularly for our children…so they tell us. Their track record of care, concern and love is absolute bullshit.

$780 Billion allocated to the military industrial complex of nutjobs to end the lives of innocents in nations far away, while our own brethren suffer. Yes, this is our caring government.  A pharmaceutical industry that dumps their toxic waste upon us all, for a price, of course, promising nothing more than side effects that could include nausea, kidney malfunction, dry mouth, suicidal thoughts, cancer, and even death…and we continue to buy their shit. And maybe the worst of all, politicians inciting violence if their particular stench of a party isn’t elected.

Trump, Clinton, the mainstream media, the corporate hyena’s and all the hucksters before them are nothing more than the snake-oil salesmen of yesteryear. They ride into town on their bicycles, their neat little suitcases in tow, promising to end all human misery…if you but buy their little vile of insanity.

Stop…stop believing their jive that has ended millions of lives. Start believing in you…and in the gifts of the wonders and beauty that we were each given, but sadly, continue to ignore.

Send forth the gifts the “creators” imparted to each us here to live as humans…and not as the demons of the era.

Each of us, dedicated to truth, are humanity’s only hope.


Tonight’s musical offering: (our absolute favorite here at the Asylum)

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – 3rd movement – Royal Albert Hall, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra – Daniel Barenboim (conductor)

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