Beyond the Soulless

“One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision. Let doubt prevail”. ~  Bertrand Russell

It’s hard to know when things start to go really ‘south’ in ones mind as the years advance.  My 85 year old mom use to tell me some 30 years ago that as you get into your 50’s and 60’s, you start to remember events from your childhood and teenage years more vividly as you get older, yet can’t remember what you did yesterday.

Of course, mom doesn’t have a smartphone (God bless her!) that she might refer to every few seconds to remind her of everything she’s forgotten. There might be a bit of elegance in aging here, as one is relying only on their memory, and can sugar-coat or romanticize those special tidbits of history from their youth or childhood as they see fit.

With the electronic ugliness of the modern era – we don’t have to use our memories much.  We have an electronic gadget to do that for us.

Not many of us can remember a phone number.  We don’t have to, it’s provided for us on our gadget. We can’t remember what we did last year, last week or yesterday because it’s been recorded for us. Having an understanding of the simplest of math in our minds is a thing that grandma and grandpa do. History is something studied casually in school. Culture is the latest ugliness provided, once again, by the radiation devices we caress each and every day.

There is something “freeing” in our hearts, souls and minds to utilize the gifts of the creator rather than the goo of the modern era. And the biggest gift we’ve handed over to the shysters who come up with their “agenda 2030’s” , with their 5G offerings of sickness for all, with their thought police who seek to end our individuality and meld every mind into the collective BS of political correctness – (the best argument against political correctness is here.)… the gift we give these psychopath’s is our minds.

We are barely free to remember our past. We are even more encumbered with the f**kery of insanity from the modern day psychopath’s that invades our every waking moment to even allow us to think for ourselves.

Would any of us, given the power that we afford idiots in Washington…would any of us actually choose to end the lives of innocents in sovereign nations?  No. Would we cast a blind eye to the suffering of our own here in this country – whether they suffer from poverty, from homelessness, from inadequate or non-existent healthcare?  Never. Would we allow the stupid and the willfully ignorant to cast a shadow over our own personal thoughts.  F**k no!  And yet, the garbage disposal of humanity continues to be allowed to set their agendas for you, me, and the world at large.

It is deplorable that we acquiesce our minds to these demons. They are nothing special, they are nothing brilliant, they are nothing more than the off-spring of the murderer’s, the heathens, the soulless of generations before us who have done their best to lay to waste the thoughts, dreams and individual genius of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond.

And as you look at your beloved pet, whether they be dog, cat or otherwise, and see the look of innocence and love in their eyes for YOU – it is the same look that generations of your lineage before you have given, as they hope you will stand for sanity, stand for freedom, stand for just ‘something’ beyond the absolute horseshit from the psychopath’s of the modern era.

Doubt their shit…doubt their sincerity, doubt their “truth” they dump on us each day – it is YOU and your brethren who live out life as it comes…with truth, with honesty and with the individual soul and mind you were given.

These demons of the collective of the modern era, haven’t an inkling of the beauty, the talent, the genius or love of the ordinary soul.

The demons of the modern era haven’t a clue of the spouse who prepares nutritious meals for their ailing, sick or just tired spouse because there is no one else who can. They are not the patient soul who listens to the fear of the elderly or poor who have no one else to listen to them.  They are not the kind soul who stops and gives of what they have to those less fortunate.  And they are never the kind who gives an ounce of care beyond what benefits their strange, singular and demonic worldview.

They are the soulless.

You are not one of them.

Your love, your individuality, your gifts, your kindness and care for all, is what will save the world.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Vince Guaraldi Trio performing “Christmas Time Is Here”

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  1. I wonder if the generations that are growing up with cell phones will suffer more from Alzheimer’s? The requirement to remember is not being exercised. It also makes it easy for events to disappear down the 1984 memory hole. Lovely choice of music. Always enjoy Charlie Brown’s Christmas. But like mandarin oranges, both can be enjoyed at any time of the year now!

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