Our Continued Apathy

As the nation (so we’re told by the mainstream media idiots) “braces” for the vote of a supreme court justice – the homeless continue with their daily nightmare struggles, the uninsured remain uninsured, Washington’s wars continue and Trump designates’ of insanity start mouthing off about war with Russia, blockages of Russia, pumping up China as the new nemesis and other assorted psychotic ramblings – the thinking soul practices exercises on the violin, piano or other musical instrument in hopes of one day being able to perform whatever musical gem they have their sights set upon.

As I was surveying the backyard here at the Asylum for Henry’s “treats” that I must clean up each day, I heard the sounds of a young soul, I don’t how old he or she is, practicing their violin in the home next door. It was heavenly.

Not because the sounds of bow upon string were the sounds from the perfected violinist – but only because he or she were making the effort – an effort toward acquiring skills to enrich their lives, and the lives of others.

Pardon the “french” I enjoy using, but the “f**kery of the modern era hasn’t much use for such efforts. The shysters of shittery want us at each other’s throats, want us screaming at each other, want us accusing the “other side” of being dedicated to an extreme thought pattern that only the Nazi’s understood and loved. They want us branding the neighbor next door, the neighbor on social media, the neighbor at the jobs we attend to each day as sub-humans who are opposed to the humanity in our minds.  Divide and conquer – nothing more, nothing less.

But the psychopath’s in charge forget (or just don’t give a shit) that all of us regular joe’s have lives – we have mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and siblings who, for no understood reason, suffer. And we do what we can to diminish their sufferings.

When a phone call from a sibling telling you that they have cancer, or heart disease, or a blood disorder, or any of a host of other ailments that you don’t have but they do…you take a deep breath and can only offer them an assurance that you are with them – no matter what. And the reality of it all is that you are relieved it isn’t you – but are deeply saddened that it’s them.

We scream at each other – we go on whatever inane social media accounts to yell insanities at our brethren far away from our computers that they are full of shit and we are not. Yet we haven’t a clue of the sufferings of those we chastise – we don’t know of their sufferings, their difficulties, their tragedies. We don’t take a deep breath and ask ourselves what would I do if presented with the circumstances, and sometimes tragedies they face. It’s become all to easy to say “f**k you to our fellow brethren without having an ounce of understanding of what they face in their daily lives.

It is not a question of you against me, of us against them – it has become a question of survival of you and your loved ones – your family – your mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, who suffer.

Our continual apathy practiced each day toward the psychopath’s “in charge”  that allows the current insanity to advance day in and day out, will be the demise that each of us will face.

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” – George Orwell


Tonight’s musical offering:

G.F. Haendel * Sarabande ~ National Philarmonica Orchestra diretta da Leonard Rosenman . Le immagini sono tratte dal film Barry Lyndon ( 1975 ) di Stanley Kubrick.

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@jplenio


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