You know how it goes…a call comes through on your hand-held radiation device – you don’t recognize the number and you blow off the call.  Mercy…the agonies of the modern era!

A few seconds later, you have a voice mail left for you, explaining, via a computerized voice, that your arrest is imminent unless you call a number and empty your bank account in their bank account.  Ah yes! The marvels and wonders of living in a techno age, where the computerized voice – the shysters who just happen to have your cell phone number to make that call and threaten you with your imminent arrest is given a shrug of the shoulders – unless you truly want to empty your bank account into theirs.

But then today –  Jesus, Mary and Joseph – you receive a unwanted text, an unexpected text, a text from the demon of all time, Donald J. Trump, as a test to a new national alert system enacted by FEMA for the purposes of alerting citizens about natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies.


People are having cows, are outraged, are texting their hook-up’s from the night before, wondering: how in the hell did that demon get my cell phone number?

Just like the off-shore (probably Russians) hacks who know our cell phone numbers to drop us a line with their threatening BS – does one actually think that our loving, caring, government doesn’t have ALL the shyte on us that they need to send a loving text that your caring government is looking out for you?

Why the outrage? The psychopath’s in Washington have a smorgasbord of demonic, mind-ending garbage to spin what’s left of your mind into acceptance of their f**kology.

We piss, we moan, we go to sleep not thinking that our government gives a shyte about us – they could care less.


Tonight’s musical offering

Just listen, and think for a moment – doesn’t this theme from this deliciously funny comedy, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” from 1963, perfectly portray the thoughts rumbling though your mind?

Life was a crapshoot then and before, and it’s even more so now.

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  1. I hear Whitehouse officials are working on getting rights to play theme music from Dr. Strangelove for the national alert message announcing “We have gone full on jihad”. Considering US officials have threatened Russia at least three times in the last week no wonder the doomsday clock is at two minutes to midnight. Whoever is running the show, God, Dog, Dolphins had a strange sense of humour when he allowed General Breedlove to command NATO.

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