The Creator Might Want to Consider Calling It “Game Over”, and Try Again

The amount of BS that the regular human being can endure during their lives is limited. Once the limit is realized, most a wary average joe simply tunes out to the truth and decides that watching or listening to sports, gobbling up mainstream media offerings, ingesting the insipidness of PBS, or even, God forbid, watching CNN or MSNBC is right and proper to get a glance of what life is all about. The heavens weep.

How else to explain that the US-led airstrikes in Syria have resulted in the deaths of 3,300 Syrian civilians isn’t the leading story on your local PBS or mainstream media affiliate.

How else to explain the genocide experienced in Yemen as described by Tulsi Gabbard – facts that YouTube has to slap on some BS “adult” warning on if you choose to educate yourselves to the carnage at the hands of US backed destruction of lives carried out by Saudi Arabia

Over 5 Million children are facing starvation, a cholera outbreak is raging on in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and yet the US continues to support the Saudi’s to bomb and destroy Yemen says U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard:

Sadly, because the insouciant citizens of the West can’t deal with truth when it’s presented to them – they opt out for the BS of the age presented to them by the corporate and government shysters. It’s Skittles falling from the skies, with the every facet of f**kology presented as normal.

There probably wasn’t a time when the psychopath’s of the day didn’t deal in f**kology and ways to unleash it upon innocents. It seems to be the running theme throughout history.

And if there were every anyone who could attest to the f**kology of the human race, it would probably the content moderator at Facebook. where the 7,500 or so content moderator’s that Facebook employs worldwide who have the job of sifting through the billions of posts each day, are tasked with deleting hate speech, graphic violence and self harm images and video, nudity and sexual content, bullying, and a host of other content that violates its policies.

It’s so disturbing for some of these content moderator’s that a woman in California sued Facebook Friday for being “exposed to highly toxic, unsafe, and injurious content during her employment as a content moderator at Facebook.”

(Selena) Scola’s lawyers say that she developed post traumatic stress disorder as a result of “constant and unmitigated exposure to highly toxic and extremely disturbing images at the workplace,” and allege that Facebook does not have proper mental health services and monitoring in place for its content moderators. The case was filed as a class-action lawsuit, but at the moment Scola is the only named plaintiff; the lawsuit names a potential class of “thousands” of current and former moderators in California.

The lawsuit does not currently include specific details about Scola’s job and instead relies on news investigations about how content moderation works; Scola’s lawyers told Motherboard that further into the legal process she will detail them. “This complaint does not include these [specifics] because Ms. Scola fears that Facebook may retaliate against her using a purported non-disclosure agreement.” via

The attraction to wage wars, murder, torture, rape – the proclivity toward bestiality, beheadings, suicide, sexual abuse – these aren’t “virtues” one is born with – they are learned from degenerates of past generations, who learned it from degenerates from the generations before them…and on and on.

As outdated and old-fashioned as it may appear, it all starts when we are young – with the values that our parents and grandparents attempted (or not) to give each of us. Yet even their efforts, if goodness is not reinforced with educational and spiritual basics…well, many can succumb to the f**kology of each generation.

The media and governments, no matter the generation, stomp on goodness as some sort of scum-infested virtue, they squelch creativity, individuality, and genius – unless they can gain from another’s talents. They start their wars by sending out their rats to foment unrest and torment among the innocents in another nation.

The psychopath’s of each generation pass down their methodology of f**kery as some sort of nectar that they, and only they, can drink and acquire nourishment from. They set themselves as the knowing of the age, as the overlords of accepted thought and behavior – yet are nothing more than the degenerates of their generation, along with the distinction of degeneracy from past generations.

Yet many the innocent soul continues to listen to their jive, continues to slurp up their sickness, their depravity – and never rise up enough to say, f**k you and your f**kology.

The Creator probably (who knows for sure) gave each of us the method to overcome the psychopath’s madness.  And He/She/It may have been waiting for the tinyest display of courage given to each of us at birth, to rise up and tell the psychopath’s of the generation to f**k off!

But when the courage given to each of us, is passed upon, finding the fuzzy opt-out of the demons’ offerings of more wars, more strife, more identity politics, of political correctness, of the host of f**kology offered as a passage beyond the good – then there might soon come a time when the Creator throws up their heavenly arms and says, no more – they have not “evolved” beyond their lowest instincts, and sadly, never will.


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