With new derangement syndrome’s being discovered each day, with nearly everyone doing Twitter dumps on each other, one group screaming insults at other groups, politicians playing their usual two-bit con game on the world, and most of the media doing what they do best – offering the public nothing but ugliness and lies – the level of insanity must be at all-time highs. Only God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this circus would know for sure.

But there is “comforting” news if one digs a bit.

NASA’s new planetary protection officer says she doesn’t want ‘another red Roadster up there in orbit’ –

  • NASA has a new planetary protection officer: astrobiologist Lisa Pratt.
  • She’s tasked with protecting the Earth from alien invaders, and protecting the solar system from Earth’s trash.

Mind-blowing shyte, to say the least.

Thank the solar system that NASA has a budget of $50 million provided to them EACH DAY so they can dream up horseshit like this. But it’s to be expected. After all, wasting millions and billions on horseshit – on wars, degradation of the planet, neglecting the real needs of its citizenry who are poor, without homes, without healthcare, is standard fare for Washington’s psychopath’s.

Protecting the Earth from aliens is less about keeping away “little green men” and more about making sure that foreign microbes don’t contaminate our planet.

Indeed!  But maybe protecting the Earth from the aliens who have already invaded our confines, those being the lunatics who have spent $1.5 Trillion during the past 17 years on wars that have ended millions of lives, just perhaps that would be a better thing to do.

She says any bits of Earthly trash that get deposited could mess up our chances of a human future on Mars.

There’s a chance that we might bring “bits and pieces or intact spores of Earth organisms to Mars and inadvertently inoculate a habitable planet,” Pratt said on video earlier this month.

“Mars is relatively clean, so let’s try to find the answers before we change the conditions forever,” she said.

Forget about it…there’s enough earthly trash already here that being tasked with keeping another planet clean, while the planet you reside on is nearly completely infested with microbes of the choicest of guano should be enough to wake up the sleepiest of human drones to understand that the rest of the “universe” has no care for the nutjobs on Earth to act as custodians of the solar system.

In a grand dream never to be realized, we here at the Asylum have daily thoughts of a group of “aliens”, not steeped in ways to lay this planet to waste, as that is pretty much already in process and has been for hundreds of years by the psychopath’s ruling over us, but more for the advanced alien who actually read and understood the universal memo that went out thousands or millions of years ago about love, kindness, charity, creativity, empathy and respect for all – to come and save those few good people left.

Yet it doesn’t take a cast of millions to change the direction of a planet gone mad, diving at 5G speeds toward the abyss, with their geo-engineering madness that millions are about to suffer from.

It doesn’t take an “awake” individual to perhaps (how would any of us know for sure) but just perhaps, if one by one we might cast aside the daily offerings of the wars, death, destruction – turned away from the callousness and apathy dished up by the psychopath’s, and instead turned and stood fast for the love that is deep in the souls of each of us – Earth might survive.

We choose to continue to allow the psychopath’s to end all the beauty, the love, the care, the compassion that still exists in the crevices of humanity… or we can choose to stand up to their absolute insanity and say, no more. The universe, for now, is still giving us a choice.


Tonight’s musical offering: (If one listens to Rachmaninov’s offering – one is provided confirmation of the love and determination we each have to overcome the evil we’ve allowed to overtake us all)

Rachmaninov: Symphony No.2, Opus 27 (Adagio) ~ Radio Filharmonisch Orkest o.l.v. Eivind Gullberg Jensen

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