…And We Continue to Let Them Bull**** Us

When you’re bat-shit crazy – you say bat-shit crazy things.

Like the tides rolling in and out – nothing can prevent utter nonsense escaping your lips when you’re bat-shit crazy. After all, there is nothing more than utter nonsense in your mind 24/7/365.

Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said President Trump has not considered ordering the assignation of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, as reported in an explosive new book.

“I have the pleasure of being privy to those conversations — when we’ve dealt with the chemical weapons, when we’ve dealt with the responses, when we’ve dealt with everything — and I have not once ever heard the president talk about assassinating Assad,” Haley told reporters during a press briefing Tuesday. – via thewashingtonexaminer.com

Whew! Thank God! We can’t have Washington assassinating leaders of sovereign nations.

It’s cool though, that Trump – like Obama before him and Bush before him, ordered needless wars resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocents since Washington’s clever little bullshit offering of the never-ending war on terror since 2001.

Assassinations are a dicey business and if done, kept under the covers. But full blown war where Washington’s shenanigans result in the murder of innocents in the thousands and maybe even millions…now that’s done in the open – and one doesn’t even have to be privy to conversations behind locked doors where the deranged come up with new and deliciously evil ideas to lay the planet to ruins.

Haley was asked about the anecdote during a press conference at the U.N., in which she warned about the threat of another round of chemical weapons attacks. Russian officials maintain that terrorists are planning to stage a chemical weapons attack in order to provoke western powers to take another strike at Assad, who is preparing to launch a new offensive. Haley derided those warnings.

“That is the exact formula they always follow before a chemical weapons attack that Assad does on his own people,” she said.

Nope! Absolute bullshit!

Yet, we need another Washington liar, entering the fray of bat-shit crazy nutjobs spouting more bullshit, enough to endanger you, your lives, the lives of your loved ones – these a-holes double down with their lies and treat you to the insanity in their minds:

“The United States has taken a very strong stance in the past when chemical weapons have been used,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Tuesday, in an implicit reference to the two western airstrikes against the Assad regime. “You all know that very well.”

Russia has countered by accusing the West of planning to stage a gas attack in order to justify a third targeting of Assad.

“This would be the heaviest blow both to the Syrian settlement and global security,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday. “Damascus does not have possibilities for that at all: Syria’s chemical arsenals were fully eliminated under the international surveillance in 2014-2015 during a unique operation involving the United States.” via thewashingtonexaminer.com

Ms. Zakharova is on-point but forgets that accidentally, on purpose, Washington dismisses about anything in the past that they signed on to that might now limit their ability to cast another nation into ruins.

Folks (I can say “folks” because I’m just a jag-off retiree whom few read) if like me, you have children, grandchildren, loved ones, wife, husband or other main squeezes that you love more than your own life…these liars, incompetents, brainless twits, who have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow through whatever means at their disposal to gain such positions among the ruling psychopath’s – could give a flying f*** about you or any of your loved ones.

Stop and think for just a few seconds about the state of things.

Our media openly casts into hell anyone who isn’t having night sweats about foreign meddling in our elections, when Washington has meddled in too many foreign elections to count.

Our government continues to foment war, distrust and hatred of any nation that won’t bend the knee to Washington’s hegemony.

They think so highly of their own citizens that they allocate $700 Billion + for just ONE fiscal year to continue with their activities that result in the business of death for other nations.

They speak, in bullshit terms, of their care, concern, love and dedication to the needs of their own citizens healthcare needs that leave over 30 million uninsured, with insurance deductibles so sky high for those who have insurance, that they are reluctant to even seek medical assistance.

They continue to infest the air we breath with their bullshit geo-engineering of the weather. They will not corral the most evil of corporations who poison the food we eat, the water we drink or the “medicines” the pharmaceutical goblins feed us with their openly brazen and sick commercials that tell you to “ask your doctor” about their latest offerings of poison, with side affects that will make your life more of a living hell than it already is.

They demand, through the social media they control, through the mainstream media they control, through their Hollywood list of demented a-holes they control, that you must emulate millionaires and billionaires of sport, of commerce, of entertainment, who are so sheltered from the pain and agonies that so many of your fellow average American citizens suffer from each day – and yet, expect us to acquiesce to their bullshit, knowing in our hearts that what they offer is nothing more than curbside ant shit.

Life may not be long in the tooth for this jag-off retiree – but it is still there for my children, grandchildren, wife and loved ones – as it is for many of yours.

The madness of the liars, the charlatans, the self-appointed kings and queens must end…if not for you, then for your children, grandchildren and loved ones.

But don’t take it from this jag-off old fart.

Allocate just six and a half minutes to another much more gifted, much more brilliant, much more attune (and younger) writer and artist than I am as to what must be realized for a better way for you and yours:

“The End of Kings” – Caitlin Johnstone


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven ~ Piano Concerto No 5 in E Flat Major, Op 73, Adagio un poco mosso ~ Lang Lang – Piano

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@robert_gramner

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