“We”… are the Specialists…There is Only One “You”

Quite like the enjoyment from pounding on sand, it’s always a pleasant experience to venture out into the matrix in search of someone’s “expertise” who might assist you with the consequential and inconsequentially stupid things one must occasionally or regularly attend to in order to continue living in this bad experiment.

Invariably, when seeking just a general type of assistance from another living entity, one is faced with the bewildering and eye-spinning look from the individual you find yourself face-to-face with, hoping that they might lead you in the proper direction to correct the problem at hand.  Sadly, more often than not, their bewildering look is followed by a rapid blinking of the eyes, and your problem is shuffled off to a specialist – you know, someone who knows their shyte:

San Francisco “Poop Patrollers” Make $185,000 – via zerohedge.com

It’s but the latest in a string of shocking revelations to hit headlines throughout the summer exposing how deep San Francisco’s crisis of vast amounts of vagrant-generated feces covering its public streets actually runs (no pun intended).

We detailed last week how city authorities have finally decided to do something after thousands of feces complaints (during only one week in July, over 16,000 were recorded), the cancellation of a major medical convention and an outraged new Mayor, London Breed, who was absolutely shocked after walking through her city: they established a professional “poop patrol”

The teams will begin their shifts in the afternoon, spotting and cleaning piles of feces before the city receives complaints in order “to be proactive” in the words of the Public Works director Mohammed Nuru, co-creator of the poop patrol initiative.

While at first glance it doesn’t sound like the type of job people will be knocking down human resources doors to apply for, the SF Chronicle has revealed just how much each member of this apparently elite “poop patrol” team will cost the city: $184,678 in salary and benefits.

Imagine 16,000 complaints coming in during one week to decry the endless wars Washington soils the world with; or 16,000 complaints in a week about our uninsured, our poor, our homeless – along with the billions in expenditures given to those corporations who produce the weapons that end others lives…might it change a few things?

But the shyte from politicians and deliciously evil corporations isn’t gloriously displayed on our own front doorsteps every day – at least not in its organic state.

It’s a hidden type of guano dropped on our doorsteps – propagandized as patriotism, it being declared the right and true, that gives each us an excuse us to bend the knee to the specialist – to the idiot savant who we are told knows better than you, about….everything.

And these idiot’s are the psychopath’s who bring us a government that ignores the basic needs of its own in order to destroy other souls in countries far away. It is corporations that spew their vomit with their “f-you attitude” as they continue with their installation of smart meters that unleash sickness and destruction upon their customers.  They haven’t a lick of concern about you or your loved ones health regarding the radiation exposure of the products they offer. They sell off your privacy, and now want more of it – trying to obtain your hospital records and demanding an end to patient privacy.  They provide a cocktail of chemical street waste that is suppose to heal but only provides a short term life addicted to their poisons – these are the “specialists” we go to because we’re told by their shysters accomplices in the media that they know – they’re the specialists.


God, Mother Earth or whatever creationist theory one wants to believe in as to our go-too guru of what or whom created each of us – didn’t select a group of psychopaths as the specialists the ordinary (yet extraordinary) person must see, consult with, seek advice from, bow down before as they enter the examination room or corporate dungeon with their white lab coats or tailored suits portraying nothing more than the stupidity they splendidly possess.

Never forget that these nutjobs you hand over the administration of your heath to, whom you grant some sort of other-worldly sage wisdom to that allows them to decide who lives and who dies, who profit from propaganda, who profit from the lies they continually feed us with are no better than each of you.

They may have spent years memorizing the BS of the world that they are required to impart to you for the benefit of those who propagated their BS , but they are still people, just like you and me. They have no more value than you or I – they have simply decided to play the game.

So, when you hear that 16,000 complaints in one week can get one of these public servants to do what they should do and clean up the shyte that they, are much to blame for – don’t sell yourself short in understanding the power we each individually have to demand from these psychopath’s – to clean up the stench they have fostered and left for each of us to endure.

After all, each of us are specialists in our own right – we are specialists in what we were born with – our humanity. And if we continue to ignore the psychopath’s and their demented offerings that we drink deeply of, there will be nothing more left to us but the duck shyte they wallow in each day.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven rebelled against the psychopath’s – celebrating through his spirit and music, the gifts each of us specialist’s have – don’t underestimate yourself – kick the shysters in the ass!

“What you are, you are by accident of birth; what I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven ~ Symphony No. 5 ~ final movement ~ West–Eastern Divan Orchestra ~ Daniel Barenboim, conductor

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@amandadalbjorn

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