Ice Cream, Cake or Candy

Quite like the young child, when given options between ice cream, cake and candy will pick all three, yet their joy turns to disappointment when you tell them that they can only have one of the three – they are a bit stymied for a spell as their mouths salivate, their little minds short-circuit, as they try to pick which delight to gobble up. So too, the little minds of our politicians, when given options of war, peace, regime change or negotiation – they too drool and can’t quite figure out which to pick. Too bad there isn’t an actual adult in the room to tell them which choice would be best.

Trump Would Meet Iran President Any Time, With ‘No Preconditions’.  -via

US Considering Attacking Iran, With Saudi Forces Leading Strike – via

Mattis: US Not Seeking Regime Change in Iran – via

No wonder so few pay attention to much of what Washington brews up in their kettle of nonsense and duplicity each day, unless, of course, it’s anything to do with the “red menace”, in which case, you can be assured that the riff-raff of college graduates with a “duh-gree” in some dumb thing who stepped into something good and have a nicely paying gig to spread BS, horseshyte, lies, propaganda and discord…you know, the things the mainstream media excels at…why then, it’s a cacophony of shrieking hyena’s calling for Trump’s head, impeachment, or death by french fries because he talked to some leader of another nation.

Peace, negotiations, talking to other nations…we can’t have that.

Trump’s Willingness to Meet With Iran is Diplomatic over-confidence, Dem says – via

Ah yes, leave it to the turds at CNN to find some deranged democrat or (republican) to take a piss on anything that might have a whiff of hope (or peace) to it.

Many worlds before us, evidence suggests that God, the gods, mother earth or some gate-keeping creeps, decided, for fun, to allow absolute deranged demons rule this grand comedy, and also allowed for some sort of other-worldly, apathetic-inducing spell to be cast upon the rest who continue to cast aside their interest in their well-being, and that of their loved ones, because there’s an incoming text, with a photo, showing the latest epic meal of dead animals and fried something.

Ice cream, cake or candy? Who knows what the current kids running the show will pick.

But it’s almost assured that whatever dessert the current overlords decide to dive in to, face first – the cream on the top will be what they lap up before you have a chance to turn your understandably apathetic interest in what they do each day, toward something much more prescient – say that of arguing with some social media freak that you’re right and they’re wrong, based, of course, on the BS we’re fed each and every day.

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” ~ Douglas Adams


Tonight’s musical assignment:

Headphones on, with full volume – stand up and conduct along with Gustavo Dudamel, the final two minutes of Rossini’s wonderful overture  – “The Thieving Magpie” – guaranteed you’ll feel better once your performance is done.

Rossini – “The Thieving Magpie” – Gustavo Dudamel – Vienna Philharmonic

Well done! And afterward, celebrate your performance with a bit of the fountain of youth.

“I’ve discovered the fountain of youth…turns out, it takes a lot like vodka!

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