The Everyday, Suffering Soul Gets It

The challenges of life, and all its varied insanities, gives one pause (actually, many pauses) wondering what in the hell is this life all about.

Death of loved ones before “their time”; illnesses that fall upon us and our loved ones – excruciating sufferings of our elderly and our children – there is no explanation, or at least, very few comforting words that can be said to alleviate the sadness, the pain, the depression, the feeling of helplessness of those suffering souls experiencing life’s heartbreaks.

One would think that after “all these years”, that humanity would get certain things – especially the fragility of life.

The jaded and corrupt politician, the calloused and unsympathetic CEO, the psychopath’s ruling all that they shouldn’t rule – they never have and probably never will get it. This certainly isn’t about them.

But most everyday souls do “get it”.

The everyday souls traveling this mysterious, and often times excruciatingly sad journey – they understand, in the depths of their souls – what this is all about.

Most times, the everyday souls’ understanding of it all cannot be expressed with words, cannot be expressed by a gesture, cannot even be expressed with thoughts and prayers for the suffering souls – but the everyday soul still knows.

They understand what another suffers – sometimes it is expressed in their eyes…most often, it is expressed by the touch they give, whether through their hands or the embrace they offer.  They get it.

For those sufferings souls, we send along our empathy, as shallow as it may be, for all those who are quietly suffering the sadness that is inescapable for the everyday soul.

Far away from you, not knowing of the suffering you’re experiencing…we can only give music as a balm, and our hopes that peace, rest and comfort may soon come your way.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Edward Elgar ~ “Enigma Variations” ~ Variation IX (Adagio – “Nimrod”) ~ Sir Colin Davis


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