Breaking Bread at the World Cup – English Style

When you’re a wimp – when you drink deeply of the hysterical propaganda from any Western main stream media outlet, you’re inclined to do wimpy stuff – because that’s what wimps are expected to do:

English Team Refuses to Taste Russian Bread After Arriving at FIFA World Cup

The administration of the city presented the head coach of the team Gareth Southgate and attacker Harry Kane with a samovar and a Russian karavai, a large round loaf of bread symbolizing hospitality. However, the English footballers refused to try the food, probably, because the England squad is afraid of poisoning at the championship.  – via

These are soccer players, right?

They’ll soon be trading spit, sweat and other unmentionables with teams from God knows what country and they’re afraid of a bit of Russian karavai? How long will England last in the World Cup? Not long it appears.

English football players have brought their own cooks to Russia, as well as a number of products such as muffins, baked beans, tomato sauce, chocolate, mustard, and tea, according to the Sun paper. It has been noted that all products were thoroughly tested before preparation.

Men use to be men not that long ago, laughing off even a hint that baked break might do them harm. Now “men” wear clothes more suited to Pee Wee Herman, primp in front of a mirror longer than a high school girl or boy before prom, and evidently, can only partake of muffins, baked beans and tomato sauce brought with them to compete in the World Cup, thoroughly tested, of course, before kicking a soccer ball around.  WTF!

It’s not as if the English squad of modern day gladiators forgot they were soccer players…they just forget they were men, and it appears they left their minds firmly residing in England’s treasure trove of made-up British government horseshit.

Camelot, with Sir Lancelot leading the charge, are nowhere to be found in England these days. Only milk-toast males afraid to eat a bit of bread. Mercy!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Camelot: C’est moi (translation – “It’s Me”) · Robert Goulet (Original Broadway Cast Recording – Lyrics below)

Camelot, Camelot
In far off France, I heard your call
Camelot, Camelot
And here am I to give my all
I know in my soul what you expect of me
And all that and more I shall be

A knight of the table round should be invincible
Succeed where a less fantastic man would fail
Climb a wall, no one else can climb
Cleave a dragon in record time
Swim a moat in a coat of heavy iron mail

No matter the pain, he ought to be unwinceable
Impossible deeds should be his daily fare
But where in the world, is there in the world
A man so extraordinaire?

C’est moi, c’est moi, I’m forced to admit
‘Tis I, I humbly reply
That mortal who these marvels can do
C’est moi, c’est moi, ’tis I
I’ve never lost in battle or game
I’m simply the best by far
When swords are crossed, ’tis always the same
One blow and au revoir

C’est moi, c’est moi, so adm’rably fit
A French Prometheus unbound
And here I stand, with valor untold
Exeption’ly brave, amazingly bold
To serve at the table round

The soul of a knight should be a thing remarkable
His heart and his mind as pure as morning dew
With a will and a self-restraint that’s the envy of ev’ry saint
He could easily work a miracle or two

To love and desire he ought to be unsparkable
The ways of the flesh should offer no allure
But where in the world, is there in the world
A man so untouched and pure?
C’est moi

C’est moi! C’est moi, I blush to disclose
I’m far too noble to lie
That man in whom, these qualities bloom
C’est moi, c’est moi, ’tis I
I’ve never strayed from all I believe
I’m blessed with an iron will
Had I been made the partner of Eve
We’d be in Eden still

C’est moi, c’est moi, the angels have chose
To fight their battles below
And here I stand, as pure as a prayer
Incredibly clean, with virtue to spare
The godliest man I know, c’est moi!

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