“I’m Fed Up to the Ears With Old Men Dreaming Up Wars for Young Men to Die In.” ~ George S. McGovern

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” ~ William Shakespeare

Searching for a beating heart, let alone one with care and compassion towards their fellow human traveler is a tall order if you’re searching the hearts of “leaders” in the West.

The banal, stale or trite – you know – the platitudes these leaders have memorized – ones they can rattle off as quickly as they brush off the random, kind thought or gesture they might see another human being with a soul giving to another human being – goodness and compassion is as foreign to them as ice cream is in Hell.

And, as evidenced this week, they can demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that they are the most wretched and vile of human beings – the worst of the worst of those currently living.

Let’s start our review with one of the most blood thirsty of them all – the twit without a soul who landed a gig to, apparently, promulgate death and destruction for those living in lands far away:

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley accused Russia of lies and coverups over chemical attacks in Syria ahead of a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting on April 13.

“I will tell you that, first of all, did a chemical weapons attack happen? Yes. The US has analyzed, yes it has happened. The UK has analyzed, yes, it has happened. And France has analyzed, yes, it has happened. Three countries,” Haley told journalists.

“Mr. Trump has not yet made a decision about possible action in Syria, but should the United States and our allies decide to act in Syria, it will be in defense of a principle on which we all agree.”

“It will be in defense of a bedrock international norm that benefits all nations,” Haley said.  – via southfront.org

The wretched can lie….and lie…and lie.  They dine on it for their three squares each day. Hell, they probably don’t dream in color, but only in lies. We’re still waiting for you, Ms. Haley, or anyone to produce evidence, any evidence that the incident in Syria is what your dreaming it to be. Your “analysis” of the lies you offer is not evidence.

“In defense of a bedrock international norm that benefits all nation” – the choicest of guano.  How many lives have been destroyed by the West in the last 17 years because of Washington’s continued demonic policy of regime change in sovereign nations who don’t believe in Washington’s hegemony?  We’re still waiting for Ms. Haley to stand up at the UN and show pictures of the dead children who suffered their fate from bombs from the West. And we’re waiting to hear if she, or any of her loved ones, will be volunteering to be the first “boots on the ground” in her blood thirst to lay to waste yet another country.

In the meantime, the Russian Defense Ministry has released testimonies of doctor’s from Syria’s Duma:

On April 13, the Ministry of Defense of Russia released a video showing testimonies of two doctors who were on duty at a Duma hospital when the alleged chemical attack took place in the Syrian town on April 7th.

“While treating the people who were suffocated by smoke and dust, one of the people who was present said that the strike was a chemical attack, which led the people in the area [hospital] to deal with the cases as injuries caused by chemical weapons.” Dr. al-Jaysh said in the video released by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Moreover, the two doctors stressed in the video that there had been no symptoms proving a chemical weapons use. Both doctors were also able to prove their presence in the emergency room of Duma hospital during the incident via a video published a Syrian opposition news outlet. – via Southfront.org

That’s evidence.  Not the kind that Nikki Haley wants to hear, for she only dreams of “evidence” that justifies more death and destruction.

Another of the most wretched of the wretched who won’t be “over there” to personally kill off those pesky Russkies, is draft dodger from the 1970’s, John Bolton, who, just in case you didn’t know…

boltonAfter serving in the National Guard for four years, he served in the United States Army Reserve until the end of his enlistment two years later. He wrote in his Yale 25th reunion book “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.”[ Ross Goldberg and Sam Kahn, “Bolton’s conservative ideology has roots in Yale experience” Archived September 24, 2010, at the Wayback Machine., Yale Daily News, April 28, 2005.] – via themoderatevoice.com

So, this wretch of a life had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy but has no problem with advocating that other’s son’s and daughters die in the Middle East.

And another bit of demonic insanity from this a-hole:

Jose Bustani, a Brazilian diplomat who was Director-General of the OPCW reports that he was ordered to resign by John Bolton, the dangerous neoconservative warmonger who is currently National Secruity Adviser to President Trump. Bustani pointed out to Bolton that he was appointed by the OPCW member states, not by the US, and refused to resign. Here is Bolton’s reply: “OK, so there will be retaliation. Prepare to accept the consequences. We know where your kids are.”  (emphasis added)  https://www.rt.com/usa/423477-bolton-threat-opcw-iraq/  via paulcraigroberts.org

Haley or Bolton – take your pick which will be Beelzebub’s chosen groom of the stool in Gehenna?

Ernest Hemingway, who was an ambulance driver in Italy toward the end of WWI, had this observation about war:

“They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country. But in modern war there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason.

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime”.

There are few pockets of SANITY.  Aside from the independent and alternative sites linked throughout this article, Tucker Carlson continues to provide us with common sense questions, asking where this thirst of ending life on earth comes from:


Will U.S. action in Syria lead to conflict with Russia? – Tucker Carlson (3:56 in length)

Meanwhile, as major papers in the America and the West are urging Trump to kill more Syrians and risk WWIII, Russia-24 (Россия-24), a state-owned Russian-language news channel from Moscow, spent five minutes on Tuesday advising its viewers how to prepare for a nuclear war amid the increasing tensions with the United States over Syria. via russia-insider.com.

What the hell?  A country that gives a shit about its citizens!

And while the Washington and the West continue to “strategize” and consider their options, Russia says their priority is to avoid war.

And what is the guy with orange thinking this Friday, the 13th? Just a bit more insanity to add into the mix of demonic shit that him and the wretched in his administration can concoct:

Trump Pushes Military to Accept ‘Sweeping’ Strike Against Syria – via antiwar.com – Bolton advocates ‘ruinous attack’ crippling Syrian infrastructure

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Trump is continuing to push top military advisers to accept a plan for a “sweeping” military strike against the Syrian government. They say he is “unhappy” with the Pentagon’s offers so far, feeling they don’t go far enough.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has been openly hesitant about a strike on Syria, saying he is concerned about it leading to a direct US war with Russia. Trump, however, is said to want Mattis to “push the limits a little bit more.”

Those wishing to call the White House to express opposition to the Syrian War can do so at 202-456-1414.


Tonight’s musical offering:

No matter how grim the modern era may be – we always try to provide some musical offering to lift the soul.  Tonight, we highlight the 3rd movement from Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony “Pathetique”. Filmed in Gothenburg, Oslo and Reykjavik in September 2011.

This is what souls NOT demonically possessed do…create beauty to inspire and lift up the beleaguered soul…

Dudamel ~ Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra ~ Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony ~ 3rd movement

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@joyreal328