The Spell of Stupidity


‘Isn’t it nice that we’ll now have more light in the skies’ – it was something to that affect that caught my ear listening to the radio today.

Deduction skills have never been part of my forte, but I’m assuming the radio guy was making his observation based on yesterday’s moving of the clock forward one hour – and that because of that simple move,  like magic, we’ll have more sunlight.

Amazing, each year at this time, we move the clocks forward one hour and like the disappearance of the text you just inadvertently sent to the thousands of your followers, we have more sunlight.  Abracadabra!

But such magical feats of thinking that producing more sunlight by a simple movement of a clock isn’t all that much of a stretch when compared to what California is doing:

Recycled Water From Sewers Coming to California Taps – via

Water that once coursed through city sewers may soon find new life coming out of your home faucet.

New regulations approved Tuesday by the California State Water Resources Control Board allow treated recycled water to be added to reservoirs, the source of California municipal drinking water.

Abracadabra!  Magic!  Toilet-to-tap drinking water, and by golly, it’s safe to drink…who would have thunk such a thing possible?

Insane, government a-holes, obviously.

“Idiocracy” – Brawndo: It’s got what plants crave!

“As usual, the California government is blatantly lying to the public about all this,” warns independent scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, publisher of and other science-based content sites. “The water treatment process used in California to recycle this waste water does almost nothing to remove the tens of thousands of toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hormone disruptors and other organic molecules found in municipal waste,” Adams warns. “A simple mass spec lab test would easily reveal thousands of such chemicals still present in this recycled water. The fact that they are pumping this back into the water supply only serves to amplify and concentrate these toxic chemicals over time. California is in the process of committing chemical suicide while calling it recycling.”  – via

We have now arrived at the point where prevalent, everyday stupidity has taken over America completely.  Any clever, inspired or just lame quip I can come up won’t add a smidgen to highlight the spell of stupidity we’re under. Best to just let stupidity speak for itself:

With Little Public Debate, Trump Continues Escalation of Longest War in US History – via

The longest war in US history, the American occupation in Afghanistan, now well over 16 years long, has often been called a ‘forgotten war.’ It may be fair to do so again, as the ongoing escalations are barely noticed, and not debated.

Senate hearings on America’s various wars over the past week covered a wide variety of topics. Afghanistan was mentioned four times, and then mostly in passing. Two hours of briefing by intelligence officials saw Afghanistan mentioned not even once.

All the while, more US troops continue to arrive. Exactly how many isn’t clear, as President Trump has made that a secret. Furthermore, US data that is coming out of Afghanistan is increasingly inaccurate, making it even harder to accurately cover the situation on the ground.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  How many more will die because of the psychopaths we continue to allow to drive the fruited plane and everyone on it to either extinction, or terminal stupidity?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Only truth, beauty and genius can begin to overcome such blatant sicknesses of the mind. For a bit of mental balm, we offer the following:

Ruslan And Ludmilla Overture – Milkhail Ivanovich Glinka – Orchestra Of Mariinsky Theatre – Director Valery Gergiev


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