The Calloused Insanity in America Continues

“Monopoly”…either a board game that is somewhat appealing to play for the first 15 minutes or so, then boredom sets in, or; what the Washington clan of criminals, thugs and idiots likes to do, along with their corporate cohorts – exercising control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service. One is yawn-producing – the other insane.

US Threatens to Sanction Iraq if They Buy Russian Air Defense Instead of American – via

As with other nations in the region, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari is confirming his nation is considering buying the S-400, an advanced Russian-made air defense system which is favored as both cost-effective and capable.

Buying that instead of a pricier US equivalent could have consequences, with State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confirming Iraq and other governments have already been warned they’d face sanctions for buying Russian, saying it’s in violation of US law.

Just like that first bite into shrimp, layered with a strong horseradish sauce will produce a burning at the back of the mouth, and tears in your eyes, so too the hubris or just all out stupidity from Ms. Nauert produces the same effect. Since when does a sovereign country have to “obey” US laws when purchasing…anything? Evidently, when it’s Washington demands, along with their outdated belief that they still rule the world. Washington hasn’t yet realized they don’t control the monopoly board anymore…but they soon will have their “come to jesus” epiphany.

For an “eye-opener” for those not following geopolitical going’s-on, the following is a summary of Mr. Putin’s recent “state of the union”.

“Putin’s State of the Union” – by Paul Craig Roberts, via

Washington continues on with their charade of being the big, bad bully on the block with all the toys and if you don’t like it, they’ll take their toys and beat you over the head with them until you do what they say.  Doesn’t work that way anymore.

Putin told Washington that its efforts to isolate Russia with sanctions and propaganda and to prevent Russian capability to respond to the growing military encirclement from the West has failed. Russia’s new weapons have made the entire US/NATO approach “ineffective from a military point of view.” “The sanctions to constrain Russia’s development, including in the military sphere… they did not work out.” They have not been been able to contain Russia. They need to realize this… Stop rocking the boat in which we all sit.” –

The bully is the last one to understand his time of being a menace to everyone else is over – until he gets popped in the mouth by one of his victims who’s had enough of his shenanigans. At that point, all he can do is take his toys and go home.

alessio-lin-213523-unsplashYears of lying to its citizens about almost everything, years of sending its sons and daughters to die in wars that kill innocent men, women and children in countries thousands of miles away for Washington’s continued addiction of world hegemony; years of an educational system that neither inspires nor educates its youth, years of GMO’s in the food we eat, poisons in the water we drink, chemicals falling from the skies – years of media and government propaganda that promotes apathy for what is right and good, and outrage over horseshit; years devoted to caring less and less for our sick, our elderly, our veterans, our homeless – where even when a decent citizen tries to buy a meal for a homeless person, he is kicked out a fast food joint by the cops for doing so (watch the video if you’re able to stomach it).  It is a sick country with hardly a protest.

We have uncontrollable, Orwellian-type corporations sending out notifications about using face recognition on you.  Or trying to censor what you’re able to purchase online.  The return of debtors prison is on the rise, while Washington authorizes a $1000 Billion military budget for more overseas killings. Yet the Treasury department reports a $1.2 TRILLION dollar loss for 2017 and not nary a word from the mainstream media.

In L.A., sleeping in your car or RV has now been criminalized, yet the casting couch of Hollywood degenerates will be given “gift bags” valued over $100k at this years OSCAR awards cermony. It is a sick country with hardly a protest.

The continued callousness and apathy of most Americans, has, or will bring its inevitable downfall. And while Americans continue on in a state of perpetual texting, tweeting and other assorted insanities about all that is unimportant – their ultimate demise fast approaches…but sadly, it seems they could care less.


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Strauss – “Der Rosenkavalier Suite” – Detroit Symphony Orchestra – thank the gods above we still have classical music performed by a magnificent American orchestra

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