All Body Parts Should Be Free!

Getting even a thin slice of the onions the mainstream media shoves up our noses each day, with their sickeningly inane, holier-than-YOU admonitions of how to live your life – sometimes the hypocrisy that they, along with the politically correct establishment dwell in, is, unbelievably, deeper than the bullshit they throw at us each day.

Think, in the past few months, how you’ve been admonished by the mainstream media and corporate dimwits, that if you think about women, any woman, scantily (or not) clothed – you are nothing more than verboten excrement.  Now, feast your lenses on this:

Nude Awakening: Naked Breasts Featured at Fashion Weeks – via

Numerous designers have followed one of the biggest fashion trends this year; models were sporting their outfits without bras, exposing their nipples to a vast audience.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! You mean, those brown, black, pink or agonizingly painful-looking pierced protrusions can be viewed without a thousands mea-culpa’s and mandatory trips to the nearest rehab facility for deep analysis?  What’s to make of this?

Nothing, other than pure, modern day hypocrisy.

jessica-weiller-75962-unsplashHollywood starlets, perky-looking models on fashion show runways, corporate designers hoping to make a few bucks – it’s all good for them to divert viewers attention from the vapidness of their minds to that which might bubble a bit from their hideously tasteless lack of clothing. Just don’t look, you lower-class pieces of scum.


While it seemed that in London and Milan designers were campaigning for the Free the Nipple movement, New York fashion week went even wilder, shocking crowds with models wearing vagina wigs. Some models wore quite conservative gowns, which however made their breasts noticeable, others walked as if they had nothing to hide, giving their nipples center stage.

“Free the nipple” movement?  Hey, hypocritical media, Hollywood morons and social justice warriors…what about the children?

Ah yes…it’s always that the elites, the Hollywood idiots, the media hellions, the corporate charlatans who tell us what’s good for them, isn’t good for you – unless you buy it from them. They can wear what they want, say what they want, produce depravity, utter insanity, abuse about anyone they care to, without any repercussions beyond a 6 week stint at some lavish “rehab” facility.

What’s even more laughable about all this, is that these shit-heads who create movements like “free the nipple” haven’t a lick of nipple history.  The bra wasn’t created until 1914 – before that, apparently, the nipple was free!

Soon, in this f-up’d world of what’s up is down, body parts will have “rights”. Nipples must be exhibited if they care to be, vagina’s must be glorified with wigs, if they care to be.  The ugly foot or sagging python arm or completely empty brain – the cellulite thigh, the protruding average dude’s beer-belly, the ear hairs in the unkept man – all must be allowed to be free and gloriously viewed whether you like it or not.  Even the severed head will probably have its’ “rights”.

​At the same time in Milan, all eyes were on the Gucci show, where models on the runway were carrying creepy identical heads. – via

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move”. – Douglas Adams


Tonight’s musical offering:

How to balance such insanity…with elegance and beauty

Soundtrack: “The Russia House” (1990) ~ Jerry Goldsmith, with Branford Marsalis

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