Henry’s “UnValinetine’s” Day Wish

As the next forced-outlay-of-cash-day approaches, with almost everyone expected to lay out some hard-earned cash to card companies, candy companies, flower companies, jewelry companies, and restaurants – guilting the gullible into submission of “holiday” expenditures via low-class mainstream media, social media and nearly every other modern media nightmare that tells one that semi-large sums of cash must be spent in order to express one’s undying love and affection to another for one day out of the year, our Editor-in Chief (Henry) here at the Asylum has been bombarded (not really) with doggie grams on what he will be giving and getting this Valentine’s Day.

The dog world is a different universe. Henry is not impressed with much of anything that doesn’t revolve around his nose, pooping, eating – his love of people, and his need to play.  Simple needs.

IMG_2296-2Henry doesn’t need any extra display of love for one day of the year – Henry gives extra love everyday of the year and doesn’t expect extra love in return!  First thing in the morning – late at night, during the middle of the day, even during the middle of the night when nature calls – his backside is always waging, he is always smiling and doesn’t ask for anything in return, although a rub behind the ears makes his backside and tail move even more.

Henry isn’t concerned with anything this writer is concerned about.  Let the inhabitants of this planet blow themselves up; let humans follow one long, stinky trail of doggie droppings of political correctness that leads to more “stinkiness”; let them follow whatever latest folly of silliness that provides nothing more than more silliness…just give Henry daily sustenance, an occasional treat, walks and playtime and he’s as happy as any creature that the good Lord created could imagine.

And in return for such simple care…pure, unblemished, UNCONDITIONAL love is given in return, each and every day, no matter what calendar day it might be.  When one’s nature is to give love and not have any expectations of anything in return other than the hope for basic care  – how can one get as screwed up as humans are in this age of insanity?

So, for this Valentine’s Day – Sir Henry wishes you all a day that is like what all other days should be – filled with treats, love, scratches behind the ears, and what all dogs do that humans sometimes seem to have a hard time giving….UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!


Tonight’s musical offering:

(One of Henry’s favorites –  one that gets his backside and tail wagging more than about anything else – except for maybe a Tchaikovsky symphony – and of course, treats!)

Wynton Marsalis ~ “Big Fat Hen” ~ Newport Jazz Festival








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