Artificial Intelligence (AI ) – Replacing the Human Being

Genuine – not artificial.  Home-made and hand-grafted – not artificial.  Organic – not artificial.

Intelligence – well, now that comes in varying degrees of what the heavens might have bestowed upon you as a gift and the amount of self-education you have given yourself.

But Artificial intelligence (AI) – Glory Be! – it will save mankind!


Imagine a world where supercomputers programmed by totalitarian technocrats make virtually every important decision for you, in addition to manipulating you at every turn. Such a dystopian future for the world may not be that far off — at least if humanity continues on its current course. And the technocrats behind the plan barely even bother to conceal their agenda at this point.  

The United Nations is now openly plotting with Big Business and Big Government to exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further its agenda, especially the totalitarian ideology it calls “sustainable development.” Multiple UN bureaucracies have convened summits this year for that purpose, bringing together leading experts in the field from around the world. The goal: To harness AI and Big Data for what the UN considers to be “the global good.” via


ryoji-iwata-474369No worries, mate…right?  The “global good” – sounds all nice and fluffy – like angels sending harmless love arrows to love-starved recipients. But just like the ugliness of most modern guano that is given to us each day, it all depends upon what demons masquerading as humans will be deciding what is for the global good – an entirely different issue.


Even establishment-minded experts and publications have warned that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence could threaten the viability of self-government if people are not careful. In a German article republished by Scientific American, for example, a collection of writers warned of a potential nightmare. “One thing is clear: the way in which we organize the economy and society will change fundamentally,” they wrote. “If such widespread technologies are not compatible with our society’s core values, sooner or later they will cause extensive damage. They could lead to an automated society with totalitarian features. In the worst case, a centralized artificial intelligence would control what we know, what we think and how we act.”

Of course, this is all some futuristic claptrap of things that you won’t have to worry about in the here and now, right?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are quietly taking over global banking and insurance systems, and are set to completely eradicate humans in all areas of life-changing decision-making.  – via

On January 25th, 2018, John Naish wrote an engaging report for the Daily Mail focussing on “racist” AI (Artificial Intelligence) picking up human prejudice.

Naish recounts an anecdote where, because he was once a motoring journalist, the AI software at his insurance company decided he was likely to know Jeremy Clarkson, and therefore might give him a lift in his car and drive dangerously. His insurance application was rejected! And of course, he complained but was told that given the same “Automated Decision Engine” was used across the industry, he was going to be screwed for insurance all over.

One case is amusing, but the savage truth is that in all these banking and insurance type companies, it’s the AI calling the shots. The human staff CANNOT override its decision!

By giving these decisions over to AI, the companies save BILLIONS worldwide by eliminating risks. But it also takes the human factor completely out of the major decisions that shape human lives, such as getting a mortgage, a loan for a business, or whether somebody can buy medical insurance.

Everyday, it’s made easier and easier to give our lives over to these technocratic monsters.  An “app” to help you tell someone that you’re driving your car when they send you a text rather than just ignoring the annoyance, or just turning off the damn thing to begin with. An app to tell you the right meal to cook tonight, an app to bring you the food, an app to tell you the proper wine to pair with the meal, an app to tell you your latest life partner match, or at the very least, your “hook-up” for the night…and maybe even an app to remind you of what it was like to be human before AI took over every facet of your life.

One can “resist” all sorts of things these days – government and media propaganda, common sense, television, the ugliness of the everyday BS presented to us, and much more…but if one is to hang onto a sliver of themselves, of holding onto just a remnant of our own individual humanity, the nightmare of AI and 5G is what should be resisted more than all else.

For a tremendous talk on AI and 5G – invest an hour or so in yourself and loved ones (you and your loved ones are worth it) and listen to Max Igan talk on the subject.  The clip can be listened to here, entitled “Life is a Prayer”


Tonight’s musical offering:

Intelligence – Old School Style

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F Major, BMV 1046, 3rd and 4th movements ~ Freiburger Barockorchester

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