The Dogs Get It

Never having been a keeper of cats (allergies), I can only attest to that which has been proven to me time and time.  Dogs rule!

Do dogs get caught up in shyte like this?

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Schiff sent his staff to try and collect ‘classified materials for the FBI’ after Russian pranksters told him Putin has NAKED blackmail pictures of Trump

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No!  Of course, Adam Schiff is pretty much an alien a-hole who apparently is seeking any way possible to remove the guy with orange hair from office, or instigate WWIII with Russia.  Such a pathetic moron – who was actually elected to office.  Doubtful dogs would have voted for him.

Instead, dogs enjoy life by doing things like this:

dogs in pool

With 5 minutes of actual sporting competition about to be televised, followed by 10 minutes of mind-numbing commercials from the upcoming Olympic games, what’s really on the mind of many Americans is how much sex the Olympians are having.  How else to explain this loss of an article:

How Much Sex Are Athletes Having In The Olympic Village? Hint: It’s A Lot – via

Phew!  Thank God we now know the obvious.  Dogs don’t need articles written about all that’s natural…they’ve got it down.

dogs sniffing

And continuing on with the insanity of America, we happened upon the following:

Officials Postpone School’s Daddy-Daughter Dance Due To NYC’s Gender-Neutral Policy – via

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Officials opted to postpone the father-daughter dance at a school in Staten Island because it excludes other genders, claiming city policies forced them to scrap the tradition.

Some parents say being politically correct has gone too far. As for the disappointed girls at PS 65, they say they’ve been getting ready for the dance for months.

Such guano is as foreign to dogs as common sense seems to be to people.



But the real reason dogs just get it and humans don’t is nicely depicted in the following:



Tonight’s musical offering:

“Misty” – Stan Getz

Stan Getz –  Tenor saxophone,   Herbie Hancock – Piano ,  Gary Burton – Vibraphon, Ron Carter – Bass,  Elvin Jones – drums


Photo credit (front page):

photo/clip credit –

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


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