Let’s Just Ban Every Country From Everything, Except America

Life isn’t fair and typically because human scum make it so.

Humans, who are suppose to be above the dog eat dog, lion eat antelope, spiders eat insects life of hard knocks, seem to have devolved further than the animals and bugs and choose to simply devour or lay to waste their own – most of the time, with sheer delight.

It comes in all sorts varied spasms of deplorableness on full display each and every day here America, land of the intolerant, and makes for delightfully twisted mainstream media news.

Sadly, most of it originates via Washington’s cesspit of small and sick minds – whether they are taking orders like the nasty little soldiers they are from globalist trinkets from hell or simply devising schemes to vanquish and squelch any form of goodness, diplomacy, cooperation, or goodwill. And their tentacles of horseshit reach far and wide:

nikolay-vorobyev-470715-2Top Russian Athletes Banned From Olympics – No Reasons Given

Some of Russia’s best athletes have been blocked from performing at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Pyonchang.

While no evidence has been uncovered of any wrong doing, key players are sacked without explanation, even when test results are clean.

Not only is their performance in the upcoming games under fire, they are also being stripped of medals that they’ve won in previous matches. – via Russia-Insider.com

Government hacks, political degenerates and media dumbski’s are always lamenting about “the children” – if such lamenting advances their bullshit.  But if you’re the children in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and anywhere else Washington wants to lay to waste – the children (or about anyone else) don’t matter.

And if those young adults happen to be from Russia – they REALLY don’t matter.

Of course, everything “Russia”, according to the criminals in Washington and their froth of crusty toilet waste, is toxic – much as a good thought or kind deed is to these lecherous idiots.

And lest people think for a nanosecond that Washington doesn’t has anything to do with all the Western deviants who have lobbied the IOC, seeking to ban Russia from the Olympics, there’s a in-depth article that can be read here.

But it’s all good. The US is climbing in the rankings. It’s now right behind Switzerland, holding the #2 position as one of the most corrupt nations.  At least we got that going for us!

So, as Americans settle in to watch their young athletes compete against the “world” in the Olympics, except for countries Washington wants to demonize or do a little regime-change on or just bomb into dust, take heart that America’s most gifted athletes are competing against some (but not all) of the rest of the worlds’ most gifted athletes – and all because a-holes have deemed it so.

Our guess is that it’s all for the children.


Tonight’s musical offering is a trifecta of Russian gems

  1.  A clip showing, without any doubt, that Trump indeed is a stooge of Putin
  2.  A Russian hymn honoring the sacrifices and lives lost fighting the Nazis
  3.  And maybe the greatest Russian composer of all – who if these modern day nutjobs had their way – would be banned

(Headphones on and volume cranked to maximum for absolute outstanding sensory enjoyment!)

Breaking: Major KGB Annoucement From Putin About Donald Trump, New US President!


The Sacred War – Alexandrov Red Army Choir


Michael Tilson Thomas conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in a very high-powered 4th movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F minor. (final 2 minutes)


Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@filmprint

Photo credit:  http://www.unsplash.com/@nikolayv



  1. LOVE this post! I totally agree with you. That ban on the Russian athletes is total rubbish. I’ve heard that everyone dopes in the Olympics anyway (which why I think the Olympics are rubbish, too, but I also don’t agree with selectively banning a nation for blatant political reasons).

    Also, the music is great! (As always.)

    Liked by 1 person

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