A Cold Day in Hell

Everyone knows how it goes.

You’re waiting for that special someone to walk through your front door, or just ring or knock on it, about to go out and spend an evening having a wonderful meal, maybe the theater, symphony or jazz club afterward and upon opening the door you see they are rip-roaring drunk! Happens to everybody, right? 😉 Expecting a pleasant, maybe even wonderful night out turns into a evening of bad feelings and hostile intent.

Well, if you’re a citizen of the US, this scenario happens regularly.

You expect elected “officials” (they’re just people like you and me – except they get paid handsomely by you and me to carry on about much of nothing most of the time) to protect the interests of the public at large – to ward off loathsome opportunists, to enforce the scrolls and scrolls of laws already on the books, to protect the citizens of the country, to come home sober, treating you with decency and respect, at the very least. Ah, but those were the days of old, if they even existed at all.

The “officials” these days, by and large, are a group of scheming psychopaths who could give a rip-roaring fart about you and me.  They are in “it” for themselves and only themselves, and maybe a few choice friends, acquaintances and blackmailers – you know, the run-of-the-mill scum they associate with, on your dime.

So, it comes as no surprise that the group of feral hyenas, otherwise known as your elected officials went to work, had a few blasts and decided to renew the NSA Warrantless Surveillance Bill.

(ANTIWAR.COM) — FISA’s Section 702, which the NSA has been using for warrantless surveillance of Americans’ Internet communication, has been renewed, with a 65-34 vote in the Senate Thursday following up a similar passage in the House last week, and moving it to the White House for President Trump to sign, likely Friday.

The controversial surveillance scheme was passed almost entirely as it was previously written, with no serious reforms making it into the final bill. One minor provision requiring warrants related to ongoing crimes was added, though for Americans not involved in crime, warrantless surveillance will remain the norm.

Technically speaking, the NSA isn’t considered to be eavesdropping directly on Americans, but rather eavesdropping on the entire planet, and then, having incidentally captured the communication of Americans, is allowed to rummage through them without a warrant.

Tough work! But the criminals have to have something to do each day.  Continuing to mow into the ground any privacy, any rights you might have left – it’s just another day of scamming the public for these shysters.



But sometimes, (very rarely) yet it can happen, that person on the other side of door might surprise you. They’re perfectly sober and not only are ready to treat you right, but might even have bouquet of sweet smelling flowers of justice to hand you:


Russiagate Has Blown Up In The Face Of Its Originators—the FBI, DOJ, and Hillary – via PaulCraigRoberts.org

Normally, we only tune into Fox News on a cold day in Hell, and also every now and again to get all sides.  This one is worth the watch.

Maybe it is a cold day in Hell, and maybe Hell is even freezing over if the criminals who have perpetuated this Russiagate nonsense for the past year and a half are starting to feel a bit squeamish, maybe even sweat and worry just a tad that the absolute horseshit they’ve dumped on America is about to give them pause and worry more about potential prison cell-mates, than the iced Manhattan waiting for them at their favorite tavern.

On a cold day in Hell…one can only hope!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Andrew Litton and the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra ~ Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor of J.S. Bach, at BBC Proms 2010.

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