Seeing It all As It Actually Was

“I remember when you were a little boy,” she typically starts in. From there, the story can go anywhere and it usually goes to places I’m only vaguely familiar with.

“You know, your uncle was really quite handsome when he was young.”

I think to myself, now, I know I’ve seen pictures of my uncle when he was young, and he wasn’t handsome, pleasant looking, good-looking or even remotely attractive, but she’s laid out a fabrication to reality that I can’t quibble with. She’s my mom, I love her and respect her, and I wasn’t there when my uncle was a young lad.  I never saw him “live”, in living color, way back when. I can only go on what’s she telling me…and of course, what the Polaroids show. Reality versus a bit of historical fabrication. I can’t quibble…or rather, I choose not to at this point in time.

Enhancing reality from days long since past seems to be a leisurely hobby of the elderly set.  Those over 75 years or thereabouts.  My parents are in their 80’s. Having one parent in an assisted living facility with the other parent almost at one as well, when chatting with them, one gets the chance to re-live years gone by from a different perspective from that which one directly experienced.

Stories from what the neighbors we lived next to were really like, to tales of events that may, or then again, may not have happened – it’s all a tale subject to their degrees of fabrication. It’s all innocent enough.

But if we want the “professionals” when it comes to fabrications, both past and present, we have so many to choose from:

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”  one of the best examples of fabrication from one supremely, talented professional liar.

“I’m a very stable genius”…sure you are!

I am not a crook! …Right!

Iran-Contra, weapons of mass destruction, the reasons for our endless wars, why our government spies on its own citizens, the reasons for geo-engineering of the weather, vaccine effectiveness, Russia-gate and too many other fabrications to keep listing, and the always dependable media with their constant lies and manipulation, their incessant, non-stop spewing of hatred, pitting anyone and everyone against anyone and everyone – it’s a depressing rot of where this country is headed toward here in the States.

Do we get to the truth…ever?  Maybe bits and pieces, an occasional glimpse here and there. I rather fathom that once life is said and done, and you go to wherever it is that one goes, and if you get that review not only of your life but also of all that happened from the time this grand comedy started, your mouth (if you actually still have one) may never shut, eternally stunned upon finally seeing it all as it actually was.  From that point, who knows what happens.

Until then…

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” ~ Oscar Wilde

or, if you prefer…

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte


Tonight’s musical offering:

(a beautifully subdued piece from Prokofiev)

“Romeo and Juliet Suite: Friar Laurence” by Sergei Prokofiev ~ Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Photo credit (front page):




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