Howls from Gehenna

Smorgasbord’s from the 1960’s and 70’s offered an extravaganza of food choices that allowed one to feast deeply and after feasting, consider forms of gluttony that may not have been known to be lurking deep inside themselves. Today, there might still be a few smorgasbord’s here and there but none provide the kind of absolute and total derangement of depraved offerings that modernity gives us on a daily basis.

The dead tyrants of the past must salivate from whatever Circles of Hell they have taken residence in, feeling the continuous stings of jealousy, in between Beelzebub’s choice “pleasures” he administers, that if only they were living in the modern age, what a glorious and rip-roaring time it would have been to lead so many people with so little effort to Gehenna.

No real bombs necessary, unless you’re part of the military/security industrial complex in the United States and you just like to obliterate a few countries to rubble for the hell of it, or because crazed bosses tell you it’s part of “your job” – such easy pickings for the tyrants of the present. After all, they have $700 Billion of your tax dollars to play around with to cast misery, death and destruction about however their shyte-filled souls concoct.

Citizens led to ruined health so that assholes controlling the pharmaceutical industries can realize obscene profits from continued illness, sickness – all nicely packaged with commercials depicting butterfly’s fluttering about, happy and content folks holding hands in garden-of-eden-like settings, while an angelic voice describes side effects from their offerings that includes heart failure, kidney problems and even death.

That the richest man (Jeff Bezos) in the world can make $36,000 A MINUTE, yet 10% of his employees are on food stamps is…simply insane. (Amazon Makes List of Large Companies With Workers Receiving Food Stamps – via Beelzebub must be rolling with delight over this one.  Jimmy Dore has a perfect break-down of this if one can handle becoming completely outraged over such guano.  It can be found here.

Yet we look at our fellow Americans, or fellow “planet” inhabitants and might think…so sad for them. Screw that.

Until we start resisting with more than a bumper sticker on our car bumper and quit supporting such demonic activities from these future residents of Beelzebub’s playpen, we are nothing more than enablers of this continued insanity and sufferings of so many.

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ~ Malcolm X


Tonight’s musical offering –

Helene Grimaud – Bach Harpsichord Concerto, BMV 1052, No.’s I and II

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