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fid·dle-fad·dle – noun: trivial matters: nonsense. 

California Caregivers Could Face a Year in Jail for Improper (Transgender) Pronoun Use

The most controversial aspect of SB 219 is imposition of fines and jail time to caregivers in long-term care facilities who fail to use the “preferred” pronoun for residents of those facilities. The bill offers no protections or exemptions for religious beliefs or conscience. One could assume the mandate would also cover so-called “gender neutral/gender inclusive” pronouns such as “ve,” “xe,” and “ze” in addition to the commonly understood “he” and “she.”

But not to worry, the State of California can be easily outdone by Washington:

US Troops Had No Idea How to Train Afghan Police, so They Used TV Show Cops

In the course of the 16-year occupation of Afghanistan, the Pentagon set itself out to take up a huge string of tasks. Among these were training up a whole new Afghan military, and the other was a whole new national police force.

The military was comparatively easy to understand for the Pentagon. They are a military, after all, and had at least some idea how to train Afghans to serve as a military of their own. Police were another matter, as Special Inspector John Sopko noted that US trainers had little idea how to even start training up a police force.I

In fact, curriculum was so non-existent for US trainers that they actually watched old episodes of Cops and NCIS to try to figure out the sort of things they should teach the police. Between that, and all the trainers being military personnel has left the Afghan National Police with an “identity crisis,” unclear if they’re a military force, or simply a police force trained by network television. – Via

The cost of this US training mission – just a scant $70 Million!

4685661036_b937f5bb0b_zWe could go on and on with examples of American fiddle faddle…but why bother –   Washington and its State counterparts “jumped the shark” long ago.  The end is simply being played out.



Why not celebrate a bit of “Americana” from days gone by with a vodka and kombucha over ice (or your favorite cocktail) presented in modern day HD, by our wonderful neighbors to the North!



Fiddle Faddle is a musical composition in 2/2 time composed by Leroy Anderson. It is considered to be a “light” classical music composition, sometimes referred to as “classical pops” music and was published in 1947.

Anderson wrote the piece as one of a number of pieces commissioned over time by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra. The finished piece instantly became a favorite of audiences and Arthur Fiedler alike. Fiedler programmed it so frequently in Pops concerts that the Pops audiences began referring to it as “Fiedler Faddle”. Written in classic “song-and-trio” form, it is based on the childhood nursery song “Three Blind Mice“. It was recorded many times in the late 1940s and early 1950s by a variety of musical ensembles. As implied by the title the piece features the violins prominently with repeated semiquavers continued with pizzicato in what’s seen as the Trio section. – via

Who knows how much longer we’ll be able to listen to a bit of our American heritage before it too is outlawed!

Leroy Anderson: Fiddle Faddle ~ Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

(Bonus:  Dancing conductor at the 1:23 mark!)

Have a groovy weekend while you still can!

Photo credit (front page): By Warner Brothers (Internet Archive) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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