The Lumbering Behemoth and Avoiding its Censorship

Do you ever wonder what in the hell is really going on in the world?  Sure, you do. From the meaning a life to why does the sky look like a tic-tac-toe board on many days (that is, if anybody is looking up from their electronic pacifier long enough to notice the natural world about them). Life’s perplexing conundrums keep many of us always on the search, and with the world wide waste at our disposal, inquiring minds continue to want to know, WTF?  

But the Goolag, a/k/a Google, isn’t so keen on letting you know, or letting you in on information that THEY deem is acceptable or unacceptable for your view:




From an excellent article from

Google has its reasons for choosing to censor viewpoints that clash with or even raise questions about the official narrative. Google shares deep connections with the U.S.’ political powerbrokers, notably with the CIA, which originally helped fund Google into existence with the intention of controlling the flow of information. Since then, the collusion has only grown. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is a regular attendee of the controversial Bilderberg conference and Google’s Jigsaw has been intimately involved in covert regime change operations abroad — including in Syria, where it created a tool to bolster Al-Qaeda’s ranks.

Appears we aren’t getting glad tidings from the goolag anymore. Comforting they are the “gatekeepers” of information with their “unbiased” worldview controlling the free-flow of information.

Additionally, you might care to take a listen to what John McAfee, founder of McAffee Associates from 1987 to 1994, recently had to say about the behemoth:


John McAfee To Google: Stop Endangering Our Humanity (3:29)



And many grasshoppers want to know, or should, is there a way around this censorship? Yes, there is!

From the article we noted at the beginning of this post from, entitled: Your Up-To-Date Guide To Avoiding Internet Censorship, provides the way around the yellow brick road of censorship and goolag guano!

From, to,,, and others on the horizon, there are ways to find the UNCENSORED truth, or at least many versions of it that the goolag doesn’t want you to know about. Think of it as freedom of information…you know, that quaint ideal that mainstream media, the government, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Microsoft and all the other gatekeepers purport to stand behind, yet, in reality, are staunch opponents of.  There are now all sorts of avenues to assist in the modern day dilemma of…WTF?


Our musical offering this evening, from one our favorite orchestra’s, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, is a wonderful performance of Mussorgsky´s Pictures at an Exhibition.


MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition – Santtu-Matias Rouvali


<p><a href=”″>MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition – Santtu-Matias Rouvali</a> from <a href=””>G&ouml;teborgs Symfoniker</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Photo credit (front page):

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  1. I wonder all the time. The only thing I can be sure of is the dirt beneath my feet…and sometimes I’m even not certain of it 😂. The music was a perfect accompaniment to walk the woods. thank you 😊

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    1. I couldn’t agree more…the dirt beneath my feet…and even then there’s not 100% certainty. Thank goodness for our dogs! Yours are beautiful. Wonderful site you have…i’ll be reading more and looking forward to future offerings. Cheers!

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