How a Country Sanctions Itself Into Oblivion

With every living microorganism, according to the mainstream media, wanting Trump’s removal so that a more like-able and suitable puppet can be put in to supervise the globalists continuing efforts of running America into the ground, Trump should get out while the getting is still good.

How can anyone do their job when so many want his head?  The answer – no one can. The A-list assholes (banksters, deep state, globalists, etc.) who run America have their agenda and Trump does not fit in with it. Pretending something otherwise is a fool’s dream.

Who wants Trump as President? Certainly not the democrats or even most republicans. And certainly not the mainstream media. They prefer the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s – criminals just like themselves who can take a payoff like a man (or woman), take orders like a little grunt, and do what they’re told to do. Continued wars, continued scamming of Americans, continued dealings that benefit themselves and their friends and no one else – that’s the agenda and it’s not going to be altered.

Consider the recent death knell of America that the House and Senate concocted, with the President signing (basically, having no other choice as it was “veto-proof”) – the US Sanctions bill.

As Brandon Turbeville at, wrote today:

What’s ironic is that the United States has become so fond of using sanctions as a response to the slightest dissent that it appears soon the U.S. will isolate itself so much that North Korea will have more diplomatic ties with other nations than America. If America continues to implement sanctions against any and all countries that do not bend to its will, it will wake up one day with its embassies empty, a non-existent export market, and international news reports referring to the “secretive and reclusive state” known as the United States of America. That is, if it can manage to keep its troops at home.

A detailed analysis of the sanctions bill by F. William Engdahl is included in the following link :   

US Sanctions: A “Looney Tunes” Bad Remake, “Irreversible Decline of the US as A Global Power”

9452061823_9498b7c8f3_zYet most Americans (though certainly not all) who have chosen the Rip Van Winkle way of going through life, can’t be bothered with such humdrum and are snoring soundly. And no amount of chiding or nudging from concerned friends or relatives will wake them up. They don’t want to hear their government is corrupt, is evil and is doing about everything that can be done to make the ordinary citizens life as unbearable and ugly as possible (along with the citizens of other countries as well). The message is embrace your slavery and most Americans embrace it good and hard. Much easier to swallow the government and mainstream media’s horseshit du jour than look up from one’s mobile tracking device long enough to understand that it is you who are in the crosshairs of rot that your loving government has in mind for its citizens.

Washington awards their corporate buddies $600 Billion to continue with regime change, wars and upheaval. They leave their citizens poorer with their games of inflation, cumbersome taxes, piss-poor health care, jobs outsourced, and disdain for the basics that most governments provide to their less fortunate citizens. The Washington shysters aren’t even good for sheer entertainment value anymore, given their laughable and unproven scenario that Russia hacked their blessed election that was suppose to crown their criminal empress queen for all ages – or at least for the next 4 years.

Yet most of the American public accept it all.  Blame it on a cocktail of toxic chemicals that poison the food they eat, another vat of chemicals dumped into the water they drink, pharmaceutical companies that produce toxic garbage that could ice over hell – and all this is just an appetizer to the main menu of insanity promoted here in the States. We even have a study out from UCLA that tells us that dogs and cats are ruining the environment. Good Lord! It’s new droppings of choice BS every day.  And this is a government we’re suppose to bow down to as modern day gods of goodwill.  Rich, indeed.

There are pockets of resistance of people who care enough about themselves and their neighbors, avoiding as best they can the land mines of genetically modified anything, media propaganda and pharmaceutical offerings with a list of side effects as high as the Andes – but their voices are belittled, scorned, and cast as modern day piranha’s who don’t deserve to live.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote in his article, The American Catastrophe:

One of the most frustrating experiences is the American who says, “If there was a conspiracy, someone would have talked.” Yes, of course, they do talk, and it has no effect whatsoever.

Most Americans can’t be bothered to fight the garbage heaped upon them by their loving government as they have epic texts to send, trips to take, corporate ladders to climb, entertainment vomit to feast upon and late night talk show misfits to tell them how to think. And when such entrails of the modern day idiocy of Washington are highlighted as the vermin they are, the slumbering public awake from their stupor and laugh at you, deride you as a fanatic, as a racist, homophobe, bigot and any other lunatic label their limited and depraved minds can parrot from hours spent snuggling up to the ever present idiot box.

So, Mr. Trump, you may want to consider setting off to one of your golf havens and let the sharks here devour their own. You may not be one of the best Presidents or even one of the worst – maybe you’ve been shown the JFK tape or been bought off (of course, you’ve only had six months in office so who knows at this point).  And in reality, you probably aren’t suited to reside over the swamp of insanity that is Washington, since at this point you’re mostly going along with Washington’s agenda. The vile members of the House and Senate who throw their little tantrums when asked to do right by the country, along with White House staff who want to seal you off, and “special” investigators who are doing an MRI of your life back to the womb hoping to find a Russian emerald that your great, great Aunt Natasha bequeathed to the family will not stop until you’re gone. Washington has a country to trash. They, along with a media who glories in its own sub-mediocrity will not be content until all Americans are subservient to their stench – none of them will allow you to accomplish anything that has the scent of morality or dignity. Maybe if you had that magic bucket of water to douse the wicked witches and warlocks of Washington – they’d melt back into the swamp and disappear forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t a Hollywood movie or reality TV show.  It is their lair and it’s beyond drainage.

The government you preside over (for the time being) has continued with its program of degrading the human spirit and dignity of its citizens, and of every country it invades and occupies, and it appears there is no end in sight.

And as the slime in Washington set up their little games of sanctions, their little minds fail to grasp there are consequences to their childish deeds:

Russia Responds to New US Sanctions by Dumping the Dollar


“Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have formed and been developed over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity.


What Mr. Putin said back in 2007, is as foreign to Washington as to the light of heaven is to the demons of hell – and most of those demons reside in Washington.




  1. My personal fantasy is that Trump will rue the day he entered office. However, I realize he is only a symptom of a government/political system going off the rails. The addiction to greed and war must be dealt with — for moral and logical reasons. The U.S. risks standing alone, just as you say.

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