No Fools This April

In an effort to shun laughter, hijinks, tricks, pranks and other little everyday things that might bring a chuckle, or even an outright guffaw, Swedish and Norwegian newspapers ditch April Fools’ due to fake news

Somber news, indeed!  Appears it’s not just Millennial’s who can be accused of being “snowflakes” but now entire countries’ Fourth Estates are adopting “seriousness” to the point where an annual day of jokes and pranks that the entire world knows about can’t be celebrated because of (insert reason here).

Naturally, it’s the media that decides the public is too stupid to decipher “fake” news from an April Fools’ joke.

Dreariness – dank, dismal thoughts and expressions is what these misanthropic minds in the media seem to be all about. Just what was their April Fools’ joke going to be?  Something so serious with no twist, no wink of the eye, that readers were going to take to the streets, pulling their hair out, lashing about that the world was ending?  Possibly.

From the article:

Øyulf Hjertenes, editor at the local daily Bergens Tidende, told NRK that in a climate where “false news is spreading, it would be a mistake on our part” to publish jokes on April 1.

Kristin Monstad, publishing editor at Drammens Tidende, added: “What is written in Drammens Tidende must be true.”

Exactly what we were thinking, Oyulf!  Why would you publish jokes on a day that’s set aside for jokes?  Outrageous!  The remaining 364 days are reserved for articles, essays, editorials that are of a serious, somber tone.  One measly day of a joke here or there, perhaps even a prank…why no, that would be a mistake.  Some dimwit might claim it for “fake” news and rather than say with grin – “April Fools” and leave it at that, an entire editorial might have to written apologizing for offending the easily offended.  And “what is written in Drammens Tidende must be true”…get over yourselves!

The more believable reason is that there is little humor left in the world.  Or rather, little ability to cast aside one’s high-mindedness and poke a little fun at something, or God forbid, at one’s self.  A little nudge of the elbow to the another’s ribs, with a bit of twinkle in the eye at the story just told – too risky.

“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.”

(Letter to Étienne Noël Damilaville, May 16, 1767)”
― Voltaire

Henry - yum, yum

But satire, or just a good ol’ prank that is a worthy one, takes thought, a bit of ingenuity, and a playful mind.

And we couldn’t think of any better satire to celebrate April Fools’ day than the clip below from the writers and creators at

Since the mainstream media won’t go away, along with their incessant coverage (at the behest of morons who have nothing better to do than stir up shyte) that the Russians are to blame for anything and everything, we won’t stop pounding home the absurdity of it all until they stop with the nonsense.





Major KGB Announcement From Putin About Donald Trump, New US President!


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