I Spy…You Spy

Overseas reporter for Dispatches from therussian-lady-clem-onojeghuoAsylum, Ms. Ukusi Menya, former counter espionage agent with TASS News Agency/Moscow, runner-up in Ms. Moscow Pageant, and part time Samba dance instructor dips her toe into the latest “I Spy…You Spy” drama.

(Editors note:  As always, we appreciate your patience with Ms. Menya’s english)

Comrades….so your president comes to say that nothing much happens in Mother Russia without Putin?  This is causing side-splitting laughter again.  I can come to certain websites and be entertained for long hours in day with such comedic writing.  It is quite joshing.

Let’s review what “Master of All”, Vladimir Putin, as your president describes him, can do:    He makes lights in city shine more brightly.  He makes waters flow throw Volga smoothly. He gives daily communications of when to laugh, cry, talk, walk, drink, go to restroom for personal businesses and the like.  Such as your weather forecasters on American TV, he can direct storms arrivals, hold off winds and such.  He is genius guy who can make airplanes fly through sky, can come to farmers lands and order plants and such to grow.  Without Putin, vastness of Mother Russia would cease to create.  Are you catching my fables here?

What is this obsession with Mother Russia and this hacking of computer systems?  You don’t think that America and other countries do same to us?  Of course, this happens with regular intervals. We don’t get our panties tied together on daily basis over such silliness. Maybe media and government dumbskis can get it through metal plated skulls that there are many peoples in Russia just like in America.  Why would Russia, with only 143 million peoples, compared to US population of 325 million peoples, want to start confabulation with USA?  If Putin is as much idiot in head as American media portrays him, wouldn’t he have crossed Rubiconi already, starting war with vastly superior US military and thusly annihilated himself and Mother Russia in process?

To get balanced perspective on this all, check out something outside American/European media systems.   (you will also get good belly giggle from this one too)

Revealed! Putin personally hacked DNC from surveillance aircraft with bear on board

Then, if interested, check what “Master of All” has to say on subject.

I think there is lacking good Vodka and appreciation of mental capacities of average citizens in America by dark thinking, dumbski politicos, government officials and media meatheads in US.  Instead of having your peoples up to their armpits in, how you say, fear-mongoling, why not aspire your people to do those great things they each have ableness to do?  Why not foster good will between countries?  Why would our leader tempt your military superiouriousness and risk nuclear destruction of Mother Russia?  He would not do so, I can assure you.  He loves mother land and its peoples too.

All peoples just want freedom, along with truth.  Simple to understand for us common folks, but because of  power hungry, ravenous globalist jerkos who attempt to keep countries with knives to each others throats, with people in consistent state of agitation and fear – freedom for all is hard to come by and truth nearly impossible to find.

So, to show that different countries and folks can get along, different nationalities can come together to promote glorious sounds – I send the following along.  Concert of Ukraine-born pianist, Valentina Lisitsa,  with Baltic Symphony Philharmonic who brings together leading orchestral musicians from the ten countries of the Baltic Sea region – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden  – performing at Germany’s most prestigious concert house, the Berlin Philharmonie.   See how peoples from different countries, different nationalities, different backgrounds, different races can come together when given chance?   We don’t need media meatheads, government dumbskis and the like, agitating us to be at each other’s throats on daily basis.  We just need freedom to express our talents, our abilities and our love for another and have our governments stop with wars and spend time assisting countries less fortunate, promoting peace and good will around world.

(Remember strict policy at Asylum that loudness of classical music playing must be close to maximum for sustained sensory ecstasy.)

Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini in A minor

Good bye and remember as I always say… Я бу́ду борщ с больши́м коли́чеством смета́ны

(Editors note: Я бу́ду борщ с больши́м коли́чеством смета́ны translates to: I’ll take borshch with lots of sour cream)

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