In Our Face!

From the file:  WE’LL DECIDE WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU, comes this nice little form of the beginnings of censorship…

Facebook is going to use Snopes and other fact-checkers to combat and bury ‘fake news’

“A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier. ” ~H.L. Mencken

photo credit: ewa gillen

During Mencken’s time it was the newspaper. During the modern insanity that we’ve been blessed to live in, it’s newspapers, social media and the internet that can drive one to drink…even more than usual.

We at Dispatches from the Asylum think this it’s mighty cool that Facebook is going to bury that those pesky “fake news” outlets.   Check it out….

A team of Facebook researchers will also review website domains and send sites that appear to be fake or spoofed (like “”) to third-party fact-checkers, a Facebook representative said. Of the 42 news organizations that have committed to Poynter’s fact-checking code of ethics, Facebook is starting out with the following four: Snopes,, ABC News, and PolitiFact.

Thank God Facebook picked Snopes,, ABC News and PolitiFact. Whew…we’re relieved!  We thought they actually might pick truly unbiased organizations to do their fact checking (or just not censor things at all).   Comforting that the truth is safely in the place where these pretenders of being safe keepers of reality, fact and the truth want it –  in their back pocket to hand out as they see fit.


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