Vodka martini please…and a twist of Mozart

chilled-martini-1660179_1280No matter whether one is left or right in the political spectrum, or anywhere in between…about everyone can agree there is complete and utter madness almost everywhere, and it is displayed nice and neatly in nearly every comments section of any popular website.  Most times, the comments section is more entertaining that the article itself.

You see a headline of interest, start reading it and quickly you find that either 1) the author/writer/reporter really wasn’t interested enough in the subject to provide anything substantial enough to garner continued reading or 2) you don’t really give as much of a shit as you initially thought about the subject and find yourself rolling down to the comments section for the real juicy part of the sauce. And this is where it gets fun.

Insult after insult is traded.  Innuendos and outright degradations of one’s family genetics are exchanged.  Name calling….just standard stuff.  No one, it seems, agrees with anything that anybody else has to say, no matter that they are supposedly, “on the same side.”  It appears to be a contest of “oh yeah, I’m smarter than you and this is the reason why” (insert irrelevant comment).  It is these, along with assorted oddities cast down by the gods to be endured every day that have us shaking our heads, hoping to find a few moments in our day of true delight, joy, and wonder.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, we here at the Asylum thought we’d send along our tonic for anger, dissatisfaction, anxiety, boredom, exasperation, envy, distress, disgruntlement and lamentations.  It’s a vodka martini (or your favorite adult libation) along with the most important ingredient – a twist of Mozart.park-776359_1280

It as been widely reported of the benefits of listening to Mozart, or really, almost any piece of classical music.  Just as a refresher, the following are a few of the more pleasant benefits from listening to “Wolfy”. (reference to the movie , Amadeus, for you young cats)

Brain boost~
In a study done by Chakravarthi Kanduri, Computational Biology Researcher at the University of Helsinki, Kanduri concluded, “listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes that are mainly related to reward and pleasure, cognitive functions and proper brain function.”

In a study noted in Jornal de Pediatria, from 2006 on The therapeutic effects of music in children following cardiac surgery, the study found a beneficial effect from music was observed with children during the postoperative period of heart surgery. (

Mood Changer~
Whether you’re out to lunch (literally, as we are here at the Asylum) or out with family or friends, enduring an evening of uninteresting chit-chat, boring comparisons to what they have that you don’t, and muted disagreements with about everything they stand for…a bit of classical music will surely lighten the mood.

Other pleasant benefits of listening to classical music are: help with insomnia, keeps blood pressure at optimum levels, reduces pain and help you express your emotions.

So, if you’re in the mood for something different, find that your sanity level is at a dangerous level, or just need to calm, clarify and unravel the nuttiness of the modern day that has you at wits’ end, maybe try a libation and Mozart, just as we do here at the Asylum before the superintendent screams: Lights Out!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 20, (Romance)

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